From the mailbag and for your discernment: did a statue in Ohio come to 'life'?

To Spirit Daily:

       On October 12, 1995, I stopped at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center in Norwood, Ohio. I had been there with friends on August 31, 1995, when Our Lady of Light appeared at midnight to 16,000 of her waiting children and gave us a fantastic "light show."

       In the main chapel of OLHSC there is a magnificent statue of Our Lady of Grace, similar to the one Father Jozo ( a Croatian priest) has in Medjugorje. I wanted to make a spiritual visit and with seven picture remaining in my camera, wanted to take some pictures of the beautiful statue.

       For about a year I had been praying intensely for my three children. All of a sudden after taking the first picture, the statue moved and Our Lady seemed real to me. I started crying and then took a second picture. I couldn't believe how real she was! It was as if I was having a private visit with her and the rest of the world was gone. This is he most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, I will never forget it! I went to take a third picture and when I took my camera down from my face, Our Lady was gone and I was again facing a statue. I didn't want to leave, but finished my visit and picture-taking and departed. Two weeks later when getting my pictures back I almost had a heart attack... Our Lady is real in the second picture!

       I took the negatives back to the photo developer. When looking at the "real picture" he said, "This is a positive negative... that has substance." I asked, "What does that mean?" He answered, "This is not a negative of a statue... but of a real live person."

       Overwhelmed and feeling "unworthy," I was still in shock that this happened to me. On the evening of November 8, 1995, after returning from Our Lady's Farm in Falmouth [site of alleged apparitions], during the night, I had a "continuous voice dream." It was a loving female voice that told me the reasons that this happened to me... I promised Our Lady that I would share this wonderful gift. Please share it with others and know that in this life you are not alone... Our Lord and Our lady are really with us!

One of her children, Joan


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