Prayer of the Warrior by Michael Brown 
A riveting account of front line action in the battle between good and evil -- with personal accounts! Parapsychology, a brush with the Mafia, and fascinating encounters with the supernatural make Michael's story something you will not want to miss and inspires all. Follow his journey into the Light of Christ's awareness!  (photos) CLICK HERE


The signs are all around us. Consider the quakes. Just before the American assault on Afghanistan, there was a tremor in that country. Then another at a certain high point. And about a week ago -- as troops began to shift their search for Bin Laden to Pakistan -- there was rumbling in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. There was also a tremor in Iran (which is increasingly figuring into the war on terrorism), and a quake that left 600 homeless in Tajikistan, where America is using a base. As tensions increased, there was a quake in India, which saw the greatest quake of last year in the remote Gujarat state of India, which borders Pakistan! Meanwhile, last week, a rare snow blanketed parts of the Middle East -- including Israel, which is the epicenter of heightened tensions. 

Those were the signs in nature. There were also military signs. Consider the prophecies. For years we have weighed a prediction by Ukrainian mystic Josyp Terelya, who claims he was shown a vision of a great war that will take place sometime around 2020, a war that will involve China, Russia, and surrounding nations. This hit home when we scanned the news a few days ago and saw that China is now set to train 75 to 100 nuclear missiles on targets in the U.S. -- and hopes to have this system in place by 2015, which is not so far off Terelya's timetable. Meanwhile, CIA sources warned that Iran hopes to have a ballistic missile capability that can threaten the U.S. in that same time period.

In Terelya's prophecy there was a vision of the far eastern border between Russia and China. "I saw a map," Terelya once told me. "I saw a map and parts of it were burning. Russia! There were fires erupting all over Russia. Surrounding countries were also involved. There were flames in various parts of the world. It was what could happen if mankind does not come back to God. I saw entire landscapes. I saw a river I recognized, the Amur. Siberia was on fire to the Ural Mountains."

At one point Terelya had thought such events could happen before 2000 but more frequently mentioned a very great war as occurring around 2020.

Of course, we have to discern such things, and even when legitimate, such dates are not etched in cement. The flow of God's time is different from ours. But there is no question that seers have been granted previews of what may indeed happen. We note that just as news of China was circulating, Russia's far east suffered its worst snow storm in fifty years.

Coincidence? In some cases, perhaps. But we are at a point of wondering if there really is such a thing as coincidence. Whether such events are designed with specificity, we can sense the overall trend and that trend tells us that everything is in a state of flux -- and that it will be brought into peaceful order only through conversion. 

Terelya believes a special period granted to the devil will end in the next several years, and Venezuela mystic Maria Esperanza sees a new light from heaven illuminating the souls of men. But there are no indications as yet (and we'll be discussing this in future days) whether such happenings will manifest physically or will be confined solely to the spiritual sphere, nor how they would pertain to the larger picture. We know only that we are entering a steeper curve of events.

As for 2020: I was asked on a radio show last week when I thought the secrets of Medjugorje would unfold, and while, of course, I have no real idea, I found myself saying that some of them (the middle ones given to the seers) may well arrive by 2020 and that the secrets will peak before the midpoint of this century, meaning the "warnings" could come at any time.

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