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Did you ever ponder the way we try to mimic Heaven?

There is perfume: we try to bring the odor of sanctity (which pervades paradise) to the world (which has no such fragrance). There is the music; our greatest composers snatched only a bit of it. There is the heavenly landscape, which we here imitate with the lawnmower and hedge clipper. There are the huge buildings with columns in Heaven, which we unknowingly mimic on our government buildings and older churches (pale, sooty resemblances). We try to buy Heaven on earth (not really realizing what we are doing). In paradise, there are entire structures composed of what seem like unfathomably precious stones; here on earth, we pay huge amounts for small polished gems. There are displays of the Living Waters which we mimic on earth with fountains.  

The sights and sounds and aromas of eternity were remarkably conveyed in a book entitled A Place Called Heaven, by a man named Richard Sigmund who was pronounced "dead" on October 17, 1974, after a devastating car accident. He has since penned an even more detailed book, My Time in Heaven.

Sigmund, a well-known Christian preacher, survived but not until he had been given a tour of the afterlife (during eight hours of unconsciousness, allegedly).

It is one of the most detailed descriptions of the "other side" ever, although it must be understood that it is non-denominational and that Sigmund died in 2010.

One is nearly transported to the afterlife -- for our discernment (this is not a Catholic book, though a Christian one).

There was a golden pathway six feet wide and thick. There was a garden as far as Sigmund could see. There were blades of grass that he plucked and then put back down where they resumed their growing (there is no death in Heaven). There were flowers of every imaginable size and color. Roses four feet across appeared as if they weighed fifty pounds. Banks and banks of flowers that seemed to hum.

No wonder Thomas Aquinas quit theological ruminations after experiencing similar things.

A sky that was crystal-clear blue and yet rosette? Trees four miles across and 2,000 feet tall -- some with leaves shaped like huge diamonds? Just the imagination? It is all uncannily similar to what hundreds of others have reported during clinical episodes -- which are so much more cohesive than hallucinations or dreams. (Don't you wish they had this on religious programming?)

"One tree that caught my attention was crystal clear," wrote Sigmund. "I was told it was a 'Diadem Tree.' Each leaf was a tear-drop shape like a crystal chandelier. And there was a continual sound of chimes coming from the leaves as they brushed against each other in the gentle breeze -- the beautiful sound of crystal. You could touch them and the sound would glow out. Each leaf, each limb, the entire tree gave off a tremendous glow with all the colors that were in the glory cloud. It glowed with sound and light. The tree was aflame with glory. The flame started at the root and went all the way through the branches out into the chandelier-like leaves."

It is like the "glory" clouds in the Old Testament. Perhaps Heaven descended more readily back then because we were closer to Creation. (The closer Sigmund got toward the Throne of God -- the description of which is incredible -- the more trees.)

Is there food in Heaven?

Not like on earth.

In eternity, sustenance of that sort, of course isn't necessary.

But God still provides delights, he and others claim -- delights that to a degree we also have on earth but as mere negatives of Heaven's photographs, as mere tiny tastes.

How literal was Jesus when He said He was food indeed! (And how few understand the ethereal importance of the manna we call the Eucharist.)

"I came up to what I thought was a walnut tree," writes Sigmund, who hails from Des Moines, Iowa. "I was told to take and eat.

"The fruit was pear-shaped and copper colored. When I picked it, another fruit instantly grew in its place. When I touched the fruit to my lips, it evaporated and melted into the most delicious things I had ever tasted. It was like honey, peach-juice, and pear juice. It was sweet but not sugary. My face was filled with the juice of the fruit. But nothing by any means can defile in Heaven. Whatever it was, in that atmosphere of Heaven, was also instantly gone. It was a wonderful experience that I can still taste today."

Ear has not heard, eye has not seen.

The aromas of Heaven strengthen. The water does not drown. Millions play in it and make sand castles at the bottom of a "lake." People sew garments -- but with no needles in their hands. The air was filled with the sounds from gigantic chimes. The sound heals.

There are abodes. There are mansions. There is the City of God. There were countless angels of all kinds.

The Lamb is light, and He comes through everything. As with so many of these experiences, the words of Scripture find strong confirmation. There were auditoriums that look like they could seat ten million. There were buildings that look like they are made entirely of ivory intermeshed with gold and silver that were "solid" yet transparent, palpable yet not physical. There was hilarious joy. There were unknown colors -- thousands of these. There was no electrical current but there were lights everywhere.

"I cannot put into words how beautiful it was to see all these different people with the fabulous adornments," writes Sigmund. "It was because of the anointing; nowhere did I see jewelry hanging off of people. It wasn't necessary. The glow of God's Presence just makes a person beautiful. The furniture was extraordinary -- beyond description. I saw what looked to be a chair similar to a recliner. I didn't get to sit in it but I saw someone sit. As he did, the chair molded itself around him providing tremendous comfort. There were bleachers and seats, beautiful seats that were hand-carved and unbelievably comfortable to sit in. Anything you sit on in Heaven is comfortable forever."

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