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From the Mailbag: Almost  an Accordian
Written by Sylvia L. Mayer of Nogales, Arizona

As a social worker I spend a lot of time in my car doing home visits with my clients. Many times the thought occurred to me that I have a higher risk of being in a car accident than most people. I got into the habit of praying each time I get into my car that the Lord will get me safely to my destination and back. I sometimes drive and imagine my guardian angel hovering over my car with his wings around it. I have a silly prayer that I say: “Dear Lord please give me a steady hand and watchful eye that no one may get hurt as I drive by – especially not me!” Well this past Valentines Day the Lord honored this childish prayer. A month ago or so I went to bed and closed my eyes. Just as I closed them I saw a car slamming into my car. I opened them quickly and prayed that I be spared from a bad car accident. A week later I went to bed and the thought returned. I got out of bed and placed my car registration, insurance card and everything in my purse to place in my glove department “JUST IN CASE.” I was actually having presentiments the last few weeks that I may be in an accident.

This past St. Valentines Day my coworkers and I went out to lunch. I had driven there alone but at the last minute a coworker jumped in the car with me and we proceeded to the office. Just as we turned onto the freeway the traffic came to a complete halt because there was a big accident. We sat there in my car for about a minute or so when I saw a car behind coming as a high speed and the seven cars in front of me were not moving. I braced myself closed my eyes and was rear-ended. With all the cars in front of me I braced for as second impact. The other car hit me so hard I went flying down a center lane. When I opened my eyes I realized I had been thrown into a center lane and missed all the cars. I don’t recall turning the steering wheel, nor do I remember maneuvering my car through all those cars since my eyes were closed. I also don’t remember stopping the car. In fact, I lost about 10 seconds and can’t remember what happened, but whatever happened saved my life. Had I slammed into another car my little car would have been turned into an accordion. Another coworker who saw everything said I just barely missed all the cars by inches. For whatever reason all the drivers in front of me had just moved over to the right lane at the same time and allowed me just enough room to avoid impact with any other cars. Several people could have been severely injured. When the police arrived I had all my documentation neatly stashed away in my glove compartment.

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