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What is to be made of the claim from the apparition site of Medjugorje that, now, the Infant Jesus has spoken there?

For those who believe in the site, it was dramatic. For thirty-one years, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been the sole voice there, at least as far as is publicly known. For those who don't believe, or are awaiting the ruling of a Vatican Commission (which is expected to issue some form of report to the Vatican during the next six months or so), it is a curiosity.

Whatever the case, it was newsworthy, coming from an apparition that has received vastly more publicity than any apparition since 1917 (when the final one occurred at Fatima).

If the Vatican were to rule against the events at Medjugorje, and recommend or even mandate against belief, it will fall into a vacuum. If the Vatican rules in favor of the apparitions, or at least leaves the question open, the latter being the most likely route (a suggestion that the fruits are good but that supernaturality cannot be proven), then the claim -- made by seer Marija Lunetti, who receives the monthly message, and said he spoke on Christmas -- will serve as a watershed.

Unless the Vatican rules otherwise, we maintain our belief that there is great prophetic significance to these events, which began in 1981 with an appearance of Mary with the Christ Child. Every Christmas since, she has appeared in splendor with the Infant, Who however was always silent.

To those who subscribe to the apparitions, that He suddenly has spoken -- and in fact was described by the seer as standing up on His mother's lap to do so -- would seem like a watershed moment. "I am your peace, live my commandments," he reportedly said -- not only speaking but delivering the monthly message that is circulated around the world from the site and has been since 1987.

Is He not stepping into the prominent role? Is a manifestation of Christ (as prophesied elsewhere) in the wings?

Something is up, something that is as yet undefinable; no one can be sure if it is a completely new course for the apparition and if so, whether it is simply that -- a new course -- or also ominous. It certainly seems to hint at a change, and perhaps a time when we will be more aware of our sins. Interestingly, Pope Benedict XVI delivered similar messages through Christmas week.

There is no reason to believe that it portends disaster. Neither is there reason to deny that it could herald major events (positive or negative). Are the "secrets" now about to unfold? Is it in any way linked to the concluding phase of that Vatican commission (which has been operating in secrecy, and involves not just Church officials but experts who take a potentially skeptical psychological approach)?

If Christ is "breaking through" it brings to mind -- for certain -- a prediction we have long pondered, known as the "1990 prophecy." Consider what this (allegedly a locution first from an angel, then the Lord) said (one December night twenty-years ago).

"I will come not as a man of flesh, but like My mother, who already nurses Me and holds Me in her arms, as a light and power. I will manifest Myself in a series of supernatural events similar to the apparitions but much more powerful. In other words, My second coming will be different than My first, and like My first, it will be spectacular to many but also unknown initially to many, or disbelieved. Yet truly I tell you, the arrogance of the world will have been broken, and so many more than normal will believe.

"I will come in towering light.

"My mother held me in her arms at Medjugorje, as an infant.

"I will come as she has come, in light."

Intriguingly (for those who put stock in this potential locution), there was also mention of "God's 'Hand" being evident in South America, the same week there were reports of strange pillars of light in Brazil -- perhaps. In 2011 such were filmed in Arizona.

Does heaven place significance on specific years and dates? Not usually. Sometimes. It may or may not be interesting that if one considered His Infancy as being in 1981, that he would now be thirty-two. But is there really such a way of perceiving the timeless and what about the fact that at apparitions like Fatima, He appeared on the same day as an Infant and as an adult, there on October 13, 1917)?

“It was remarkable, but it is not worrying. Jesus said, “I am your peace, live My Commandments.” God gives us peace, gives us a chance. It is a new call, God works in a new way” Marija told a Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija. “I was so excited, I did not sleep all night. I constantly hear this message in my mind, even now.” Marija told the publication that she does not know why it happened. “I can only guess,” she intoned. Yet she also called it a new call and “a new moment for Medjugorje and the messages.”

For those waiting to see if it was the end of Mary speaking there, the answer came swiftly on December 28 when she appeared to a seer named Ivan Dragicevic and  said, " "Dear children, also today I desire to call you to joy. Anew I call you to joy! I call you at the same time to responsibility. Dear children, accept my messages responsibly and live my messages, because in the living of my messages I desire to lead you to my Son. All of these years that I have been together with you my finger has been directed toward the Son, towards Jesus.  I have a desire to lead all of you to Him.  Therefore these days that are upcoming, may your question also be -- and I pose this question to you - 'What can I do that my heart may be closer to Jesus?'  May this question lead you.  Say to yourselves, 'What must I leave behind?  What must I reject that my heart may be closer to Jesus?  Pray dear children, and I will pray for all of you that your answer in your hearts may be 'Yes, I desire to be closer to Jesus!'  Thank you, dear children, for also today having responded to my call."  

She left in prayer in the sign of what one video crew, Mary's TV, described as "an illuminative sign of the cross with the words, 'Go in peace, my dear children!'"  

However, it was a strong reinforcement of the message given days before to Marija, further pointing the way, perhaps, to a more direct involvement of Jesus. The next monthly message to her will be among the most anticipated if not the most anticipated since such regular messages began a quarter of a century ago. Some have related what Jesus said as strikingly similar to the Gospel of John, particularly the thirteenth and fourteenth chapters, when He is giving instructions for how to conduct life after He leaves their presence. Might this then indicate an end to certain events at Medjugorje?

A few hours earlier the Holy Father spoke about the Infant Jesus during his Christmas Midnight Mass homily. He said, “Again and again it astonishes us that God makes Himself a child so that we may love Him, so that we may dare to love Him, and as a child trustingly lets Himself be taken into our arms. It is as if God were saying: I know that my glory frightens you, and that you are trying to assert yourself in the face of my grandeur. So now I am coming to you as a child, so that you can accept me and love me.” 

In the same homily the Holy Father said, “So Christ is our peace, and he proclaimed peace to those far away and to those near at hand (cf. Eph 2:14, 17). How could we now do other than pray to him: Yes, Lord, proclaim peace today to us too, whether we are far away or near at hand.” 

Most important, at this time of great anger and division, are His words in John 13: 33-36: "'A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.' Simon Peter asked him, 'Lord, where are you going?' Jesus replied, 'Where I am going, you cannot follow now, but you will follow later.'”

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