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 Texas Woman Describes  Bilocation And Glimpse Of Coming Battle

By Michael H. Brown

By coincidence, we happened to talk to a woman we know and respect, Pat Hull, who works for a Catholic organization, La Promesa Foundation, in Midland, Texas, the other day, and she told us of several remarkable experiences. Pat explained in her low-key, forthright way that four times in the last 16 years she has had what mystical theologians call “bilocation”—an alleged experience of being in two “places” at once. Obviously, this is a spiritual manifestation (anything is possible in that realm) and two of the times, she said, involved famous mystic Maria Esperanza of Betania, Venezuela. Before Pat ever heard of Maria, she had an experience of suddenly being with and talking to Maria. That was 1985. Years later she met Maria in the flesh. “As soon as I sat down, through the interpreter, Maria threw her head back and said, ‘I know you. I’ve met you before. I know you.’ I said, ‘Yes, we kind of passed in the night,’” recounts Pat, whose daughter operates a Catholic radio station, KJBC (1150 AM), in Midland. 

Pat claims her most recent “bilocation” occurred a month ago. “This was July 12,” she told Spirit Daily. “That was a Thursday. It started happening about 2 p.m. I was here at work. I didn’t know if something physical was happening to me, like a stroke or a heart attack, but then I realized it wasn’t that because I knew I was here yet going somewhere else. I don’t know how else to explain it. Then [after a while] I recognized what was happening and sat down and got still, and even though I knew I was sitting here at my desk, I entered the room at Maria’s at Betania, on her veranda, and we went into this small room—a very small room—and we sat down in chairs face to face and we talked. She doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish but we knew what we were saying. She was very tired and weak from all the heaviness and burden she’s been carrying. She said that she was really concerned that we must get things together and get things right, and she meant in our hearts, get our souls right—not anything material. And then she said how sad she was because people were not listening and they were not changing. A great blackness of evil was being released. She said it that way. And God has held up His hand as long as He is going to, and He is going to take His hand down and there’s nothing, nothing, that will stop this, this disaster, from happening. She didn’t tell me what the disaster was. She didn’t say any kind of a time. We got through with our visit and I wrote it all down. It was about 3:30 that afternoon. So our visit was between 3 and 3:30. I slowly sifted back. Even Friday [the next day] at noon, I still said to my daughter, I’m not all back yet, and I pointed up. I said, ‘From here to over here I feel movement, I hear voices, there are angels, good spirits, they are getting ready for a mighty battle. I hear everything they are saying but I can’t tell you what they said. They were rushing around going here and there like an army would be getting ready to go in battle. That night, I didn’t hear the voices anymore, but I sensed movement and feeling.”

Incredibly, Pat told us this before viewing an article we carried on this website that day about Maria in which her son-in-law related that she was telling her family precisely what Pat had “heard” in bilocation. Pat called us astonished when she read the Spirit Daily article 

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