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Woman Cites Intercession of Rosary, Blessed Mother, And Angels During Horror At Disneyland


 From The Mailbag


In the summer of 1999, our family made a trip to Disneyland. My husband and I, together with our four daughters, ages six months, three years, five years and nine years of age thought it would be fun. With a new baby, I was pushing a stroller. 

My husband kept the two older girls with him, and I kept the two younger girls with me. 


In the crush of the crowd, my husband and I  were separated. I looked back and saw he and the older girls were about 50 feet behind us. As my three-year-old daughter walked next to me, her balloon got caught up with another woman's balloon. 


Imagine my shock when this woman casually took my daughter's hand and started walking away with her. 

My three-year-old daughter's eyes grew very large as she looked at me. I started praying immediately. Although things happened very quickly, it was as if everything happened in slow motion. My husband was too far behind me to call him for help. He was talking with the girls and not looking up at us. I knew I would not be able to maneuver the stroller across all these people without losing sight of my three-year-old. 

As I watched this woman walk away with my daughter, I prayed, "Dear Lord, I have to leave the baby here in the stroller and get Maya.  Please watch over my baby." So, in busy Disneyland, I left the stroller and ran across the way to get my daughter. I grabbed her hand and pulled her away from this woman. The woman looked at me and mumbled something like, "I was taking her to her father over there..." Mercifully I could not confront this woman as I had to hurry back to my baby in the stroller. 


Running back to the baby, tightly holding my three-year-old's hand, I saw my husband running up with our older children to meet me. He asked what had happened. I told him a woman had started walking away with Maya, and as I turned to point her out, she was gone.  "What woman?," he asked.  She had vanished into the crowd.  I was so shaken I couldn't even remember what she looked like. 

I held my little Maya so tightly, thanking God He had shown us incredible Mercy that day.  We left Disneyland right away, even though it wasn't even 2:30 p.m. The next day, my mother phoned me at home. She asked if everything was alright. I had not told her of what had happened at Disneyland. She said, "Mija, yesterday, about 2 p.m., I felt you so strongly.  I knew you had taken the kids to Disneyland, but something felt wrong, so I took out my Rosary and started praying.   I entrusted you to our Blessed Mother.  Is everything OK?"


Through tears, I told her that around 2 p.m. the day before, a woman had tried to steal Maya.  When I finished telling her the whole story, mom immediately praised God for His Mercy. I knew her prayers had assisted us in a miraculous way. My mother passed away two years later, but I know her prayers kept my family together.  My mother entrusted us to our Blessed Mother. I know Mother Mary sent Holy Angels to watch over us. An Angel alerted me when a strange woman took my daughter's hand into hers. An Angel guarded my three-year-old daughter from abduction. And an Angel watched over my 6 month old baby while I left her in the stroller to retrieve her sister.  

I will never know the full intentions of that woman who started walking off with my daughter, and maybe it's time to start praying for her. But all I know is that God is very good to our family, and we praise and extol His Greatness with everyone. Praise His Name!  And we will not ever re-visit Disneyland again!


Mary Moore

Bakersfield  California


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