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There are a number of matters on the "prophetic" beat at this time of the Great Summer Blaze (which finally has eased a bit). Many don't realize that in the past, there have been similar periods; nor do we realize there have been "mega-droughts" that spanned up to two-thirds of what we now call North America and went on for decades and even centuries. These were far more extensive than the great Dust Bowl of the 1930s (or "Dirty Thirties," when there was likewise a swerve in climate and weather, as well as a great tempest in the economy). The world is now covered in warning.

It is in our folly that we perceive nature as a constant -- winter will always be winter and summer will always be summer. Great reversals and intensifications can occur. It is believed mega-droughts in the past were caused by subtle changes in the earth's orbit around the sun, which were also responsible for periodic ice ages. If these orbital changes were the only influence on the planet's climate, earth should be heading into a cool period. There are other factors, including activity on the sun (and including spiritual ones).

"What we're seeing in the climate records is these mega-droughts, and they don't last a decade -- they last twenty years, thirty years, maybe sixty years, and they'll be semi-continental in expanse," says University of Regina (Canada) paleo-climatologist Jeannine-Marie St. Jacques, stating that decade-long drought is nowhere near as bad as it can get. "So it's like what we saw in the Dirty Thirties, but imagine the Dirty Thirties going on for thirty years. That's what scares those of us who are in the community studying this data pool."

Besides the 1930s, when drought afflicted 77 percent of the nation, a major "benchmark" drought also occurred in the 1950s (actually 1951 to 1964). By some measures, the current drought, which some state as having started in 2002, already exceed the one in the 1950s.

But the twentieth-century drought pale in comparison with truly "mega" ones that can devatsate North America. Analyses of tree rings have revealed that a great drought occurred 1,000 years ago and in parts of the country such as California lasted for two centuries. That was followed by a "little ice age." And even further back in time may have been drought that lasted for 1,500 years, devastating populations.

Conversely, in Russia, torrents of rain caused loss of life while hundreds of thousands fled floods in India. Meanwhile, England has enduring a particularly cold "summer." It's what we have long called a "gyration" in climate, and it has been especially acute on a continent that remains in the midst of huge financial dilemmas. When asked if the Blessed Mother knew about the economic crisis in Europe, a seer said, "She's more preoccupied with spiritual (matters). When there is a spiritual crisis, there is also an economic crisis."

The same is true of weather and climate.

In storms, invoke her. See left and right: how, once again, a statue of her remains standing against all odds (these photographs from West Friendship, Maryland after a storm on June 29), "The Blessed Mother was facing away from the house and after the tree fell she was facing at the house," recounted the owner, Cheryl Tucker, whose husband had been about to go outside but decided at the last minute to exit through the basement, just before the house shook and the tree fell in the front yard.

Also, invoke the saints. "The stem from this rose [below] bush grew voluntarily through the arm of the statue," writes Tim Jobst of Ottawa, Illinois. "I have prayed daily to St. Therese for close to 30 years this is one of several 'messages of love' that I believe I have received from her over the

There are also sights in the sky. "As I looked at a picture of a meteor that came down near Australia I thought it looked like a flaming sword or spear and wondered if it had any spiritual significance," noted Mary Watts of Barrie, Ontario. "After reading the article on the Holy Face do you not think the meteor looks like a 'golden arrow ' all aflame?" That was in the Perth Courier Mail [below, left]. Also see in the sky what was photographed [below, right] in Montebello, California recently.

We received a bit of mail, speaking of prophecy, about an article we ran quoting a nun who lived with Fatima seer Lucia dos Santos as saying that the seer visionary had been disturbed at those who thought part of the secret (which included the image of an angel with a flaming sword) was being withheld. We respect all viewpoints but must admit to special interest in testimonies from those who actually knew her.

Meantime, here's an alleged "word of knowledge" from the mailbag for us to perpend (from June 30):

"My children, the time is here. Can you hear the sound of the trumpets? They call for alarm to the people of the land. I am you Great Protector. Nothing shall harm those who are chosen to do My Will. I will cover thee. I will rebuke and destroy your enemies with the sword of fire that proceeds from My mouth." We do advise placing a picture or photo of His Holy face in your homes (whether Veronica's Veil, the Shroud, or something similar).

Getting back to ancient situations: Few likewise realize that at various points in history large parts of Ireland and other sections of Europe were under water -- and not back in the days of the dinosaurs (rather, during Old Testament times).

Remember that "science" is a new framework of thought that really dates back in its pure materialistic form to the Age of Enlightenment (so-called). That's just a few centuries.

What happened in so many, many periods before good records?

There are some who believe that during the Middle Ages mega-hurricanes attacked the Gulf Coast -- storms with a surge twice or more than that of Katrina. How little we know! How much we think we do!

When storms, when thunder, when strange rumblings sound, they are the sounds of warning and redemption to those who hear hear, and for those who don't (to paraphrase a current book) they are the sounds of judgment.

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