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A news item recently noted that the Vatican was using the internet to learn about cases of priest abuse and how bishops were handling them.

This tell us a few things: how big our Church is, for one; for another, how small -- and short-staffed -- is the Vatican.

In fact that shortage may be one reason matters move more slowly, along with the Vatican's prudent deliberations. There are certainly recent concerns. In the United States, two prominent priests who had been on television and were known for speaking engagements or local stature fell within a week of each other, both of whom there are been rumblings for years (causing us, for years, to hold back from promoting them).

Yet, the Church remains rock-solid at its base and bolstered by the knowing that the Force behind it is the Force -- the Holy Spirit -- Who created the universe (and sends us signs).

Are the Eucharistic miracles one such indication? Again, we set forth to consider. Notes a blog (of the image to the left): "The story of the Eucharistic Miracle that happened in Kumasi, Ghana in West Africa in the 1990s. This is what happened when a Protestant man saw what looks to him as idolatry during the Corpus Christi procession. This man took photographs of the monstrance with the intention to show it to some non-Catholic Christians as a proof that Catholics worship a 'wafer god.' The man who was a professional photographer went to develop his photographs. At the photo lab this miraculous photo of Jesus Christ was among his films. When he was given this outcome of the photograph, he first disputed with the guys at the photo lab saying this wasn't one of his films. They showed him his negatives containing this very image of our Lord."

Another presumed Eucharistic miracle is being claimed in Minnesota.

We have the prophetic element. Elsewhere, nany see or think they see and at least are edified by "images." There are "coincidences." When famed alleged locutionist Father Stefano Gobbi recently died, it so happened to be at three p.m. -- the time of Mercy -- and at the very time pirests from the movement he founded were gathered nearby from far-flung places around the world. The funeral was on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart. His actual death came on the feast of Peter and Paul, Peter the Rock on which Christ built the Church, Paul a patron of the organization to which Father Gobbi belonged.

Said one official exorcist attached to the movement (for our discernment): "I, Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi, affirm that Fr. Steffano Gobbi is and was a true locutionist and a messenger from Mary, who shared with us a timely instrument from the Mother of God who is calling me and you to prayer and fasting from the heart.  Time is short...The great chastisement awaits the planet that will be knocked off of its axis and send us into a moment of global darkness and the awakening of consciences. Father Gobbi's messages presently bear the Church's official seal of approval, the 'imprimatur.' Thus he is ecclesiastically recognized. So, prepare yourselves with the weapons of the Brown Scapular, the Miraculous medal, the Benedictine medal, the prayers of the Most Holy Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and the frequent reception of the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion.  As God loves you, I love you, and love one another. Forgive one another form the heart. Nothing else really matters in this life."

Others point out that the Vatican long ago asked that the messages not be so definitively be declared as words directly from Mary. Whatever the case, they have borne certain good fruits -- have kept many priests from discouragement, giving them a "heads-up" on the kind of trials that were ahead (here perhaps we get back to matters like the abuse calamity) and so do many look elsewhere for "messages" which must be handled with great caution (which means fasting and prayer). Fasting clarifies. Without it, we are more readily deceived. There have been wolves in sheep's clothing, or at least those who, deceived themselves,  deceive others. We are careful not to judge. It is too easy to call someone a "wolf." Usually, it is a person who means well, or originally did.

I want to tell you about a Catholic Church about 40 minutes from my home.  It is not my parish but I have friends there and have been to Mass there a few times.  I think this parish is interesting because they do not fit the typical parish molds out there and yet they are what appears to be a very successful parish.  The  parish is “Christ the King” in Ann Arbor, MI.   It is a charismatic parish with an incredible amount of things happening there.  They have possibly a record number of vocations coming from the parish.  The masses are always over an hour long with all kinds of wonderful music and worship.  (Note:  the music is a great variety of old and new!)  They offer so much to the community.  The people are on fire for the Lord and are very active.  It is not perfect, nor are the parishioners perfect but what they do have is a great openness to The Holy Spirit!!!  We can learn a lot from this parish.  It saddens me to hear so many good and faithful Catholics complaining about the Mass and music etc.  It is a distraction of the enemy.  We must be more open to The Holy Spirit and His work.  It doesn’t mean you will have a perfect parish, perfect Masses and music, or perfect people.  And your parish will not necessarily look like all the others.  It does mean that God is in charge and will bring forth the fruit no matter how it looks (or sounds.)  I ask you to please encourage people to invite The Holy Spirit into their lives and into their parishes to do the work that needs to be done in each person and each church.  And of course pray for The Holy Spirit to continue to guide Holy Mother Church and her leaders into the future.
God Bless


Hello! I don't have your gift of writing, but ideas such as getting rid of the "sugary music" is just one of many things I thought about while in adoration this weekend. I kept trying to concentrate on the rosary, and a whole thing about a spiritual boot camp kept coming up in my thoughts.

Before we gradually add the new changes in the Mass (I'd prefer they'd just go with it), clergy and laity need to get their act together with the Mass as it is today.
For the clergy - they need to follow the Mass the way it is supposed to be.  Call me a curmudgeon, but I wish the Mass was the old Latin Mass - it started with the humble prayers at the foot of the altar, and there was a sense of awe and respectful worship of "going to the altar of my God."  There was no room to insert jokes, sneak previews of what our readings will be about. I wish today we start the Mass with the sign of the Cross - no need to introduce it, people know what to do. Pray the antiphoms. Keep the worship vertical - up to God, not wallowing in human respect. The priest is there at Calvary, bringing us Christ. He is not an emcee, presider, etc.
I'm not referring to cases of pure liturgical abuse but there is still a tendency to improvise, change phrases, etc. Little changes made in the last few years - e.g. the bow of the head during the Creed, reminders not to leave the altar during the handshake of peace as this has turned into (and I wish we would have eliminated), keeping the eucharistic ministers off to the side until the priest has consumed the Sacred Species seems to have been lost. I've seen priests not only leave our Lord up there, but proceed to give bear hugs. It totally destroys the sacred moment we're in.
I could go on and on, but you get the general idea. And as for the laity, let's remember that this is the House of God. Most churches have gathering spaces, lobbies and so forth - go out and quietly chat there. People need to pray before and after Mass and extemded loud conversations drown out concentration, not to mention a lack of respect for the Lord.
I've seen people chit chat standing in front of the tabernacle.
Let's dress for Mass. Displaying cleavage,  "daisy dukes" shorts and mini's shouldn't be worn in public let alone at Mass.
Let's follow the Mass. It's not the place for texting, chit chat, etc. Give your children prayer books and church-related activites (there are plenty of web sites offering children's goods) and teach them proper church etiquette.
Make sure we're in a state of grace before approacing Holy Communion. And after receiving Our Lord, go back to your pew and thank Him for this awesome gift. People who head out the door should be flanked on either side by a pair of altar boys holding candles.
Years ago, our parrish priest would stop whereever he was during the Mass when someone walked in late. Hundreds of eyes would follow his until that person felt that everyone was looking at them. People tended to come early and heaven forbid leavie early.
And yes, sugary music that sounds like the movie score to a Disney movie needs to go. Folk music too. This isn't a campfire party. There are tons of traditional Catholic songs, Gregorian chant, etc. to pull from. Let's reestablish a Catholic identity. People don't know because of the lack of instruction of the years or just laziness how to live as a Catholic Christian.
If we acted as Catholic, strove to understand our Faith, we'd be a witness to it. Good meaning Christians from denominations such as the Assemblies of God where they've flocked to over the decades would return home.
We need a spiritual summer camp to get everything in order so that when we take on the updates in the Mass, we understand, embrace and fully participate in the Mass.
I apologize for the length - I've not stated anything new - but I really wish there was a prayerful way of ramping up our entire church in advance.
Michelle Jaworski

Dear Rev Fr. James,

Fr. Stefano Gobbi, the founder of the Marian Movement of Priests, died on
the Feast of Sts Peter & Paul at 3pm in the afternoon, the Hour of Mercy.

A very touching tribute to Fr. Gobbi from Father Joseph Iannuzzi, an
Official Exorcist -   June 29th, 2011

In Domino.
Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi


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