Aspects of the French 'apocalypse'

We still don't seem to get it: In the wake of September 11, there was an unusual display of the aurora borealis, just as there was a great aurora -- an unprecedented one -- that turned out to be the great sign of Fatima, announcing world war in the deep winter of 1938. The aurora foreseen at Fatima preceded the first dominos that soon began to fall in Austria, leading to the great conflict.

The one after 9/11 announced a new war, one between Muslims and Christians, and one that may soon be reminiscent of the Muslim (Moor) invasions of Europe a thousand years before.

For now the "invasion," the dominoes, are through terrorism and perhaps the march of migrant Muslims who in some parts of Europe (see England) have built so many mosques that they outnumber Christian churches. There is a great flux in population -- hordes seeking refuge (many of whom should be assisted in their plight, others harboring violent Islam) -- that brings to mind another scene from the past: the parades of hungry and desperate and destitute who roamed like wraiths of flesh-and-blood from town to town and city to city during great weather upheaval and food shortages and disease in the Middle Ages.

History repeats itself, as prophecy. The massacre in Paris -- with dead and wounded and blood all around, with hundreds of sirens wailing -- was widely described as "apocalyptic." Precursors. War. A gradual slow-burning war. The Pope himself described it as "another piece" in a piecemeal world war. The straight fact is that Muslims are attacking Christians around the world and have killed innocent people in dozens of countries -- yet are seen as the "minority," the persecuted. This is the devil turning things upside down.

Diabolical disorientation, Sister Lucia of Fatima called it. Obviously, there are many good Muslims. Also obviously, there is something profoundly wrong with the dictates of Islam as well as with the psycho/spiritual makeup of the region. Radical Muslims flash eyes, fulminating with hatred, that betray the demonic. Their irrationality, unfairness, and cruelty: There have been so many acts of cruelty on their behalf that we lose tally, are inured to suicide bombings, even forget that a few short weeks before Paris there was the Russian jet that exploded with hundreds aboard, leaving families motherless or fatherless or childless.

The attacks in Paris were centered on the city where the Miraculous Medal revelations occurred in 1830, messages from Mary that likewise had warned of upheaval in society due to its evil. Like attracts like. Evil begets evil. At Rue du Bac in 1830 the Blessed Mother introduced a new phase in the history of her apparitions. In those appearances she warned that a dark era lay in the immediate future as she struck a pose in which she stepped on a serpent. Holding a globe, she revealed herself in worldwide dispute with the forces of dark. "The times are evil," she told Saint Catherine Laboure. "Misfortunes of all kinds will befall France." It pertains today as it also did in the upheavals of the 19th century. "The whole world will be turned upside-down by misfortunes of all kinds."

There is also the mystical component of "coincidence": The material used to make the bombs in Paris was triacetone triperoxide and is nicknamed "Mother of Satan" (due to its extreme volatility) and a band from California called "Eagles of Death" was seven songs into a concert at that hall when its performance of a song called "Kiss the Devil" was interrupted by gunfire Friday (the 13th, 2015). Band members had to flee through a backstage exit, and on Saturday nixed the remaining dates on a European tour. Heavy metal. Brushing up against the devil. Inviting it, often unknowingly. (Look, left, at the concert-goers and the raised "sign of the horns" hands moments before attack.)

Dark brings dark. Yet, what do we learn? Not much. Maybe, nothing. In the wake of September 11 was the hope that this warning -- this mere precursor of coming events, this horrid assault by Muslims on the innocent -- would bring sensuous materialistic Westerners back to their senses and back to worshipping God, to putting Him back at the center. Instead, our society has done the exact opposite. While church attendance skyrocketed immediately after 9/11, it soon enough fell back off, and even lower than ever -- with God and Christ chased out of society with unprecedented vehemence.

Just as the ancient Israelites defied chastisement and rebuilt towers bigger and better after they were attacked, so do we now, instead of churches, build more towers, more skyscrapers, more walls of materialism in New York, including the Freedom Tower, which glorifies not God but man.

Incredibly, instead of waking us up to the threat of radical Islam (violence is an inherent part of the Koran), the now-many assaults -- the beheadings, the shootings -- have caused us to accommodate it. We can love and forgive while defending ourselves -- knowing that the stronghold behind the eyes of fanatical violent Muslims will be appeased at no less than Christian eradication.

We eliminate Christian symbols so as not to offend Muslims or atheists. Paganism reigns. Instead of raising Jesus above New York in the wake of 9/11, who is raised?

Celebrating Hinduism, the Empire State Building recently formed its lights into a visage of the demi-god Kali (Hindu god of death; above left). The image was eerily similar to formations in the smoke that horrible September day (above, right).

We are blind.

In times of old -- in the 1950s, when there was still a Christian ambience -- New York City skyscrapers displayed crosses on poignant occasions.

Now the Cross has been banned from public and replaced by Kali as we continue to descend into the period of trial, terror, and chastisement.

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