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[adapted from: The God of Miracles]

Want simple happiness? Join with the joy of angels. A simple prayer: "Angels be with us."

Such helped a woman who was nearly mugged in Queens, New York.

She invoked angels and police later found that she wasn't mugged because the criminal thought he saw two large men on either side of her.

Of course, there was no one there.

"Experience the presence of the angels next to you and allow yourselves to be guided by them," one sage recommended to me.

“Every word of God is tested,” says Scripture. “He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.”

As humans we have no idea how many times our angels have come to our aid, but we can be sure the number is enormous. Usually, in keeping with their humility, their presence is anonymous. God sends them. Do they coordinate coincidence? Shortly after a Baptist music director named Nathan Robinson arrived at a store to buy a new electronic piano and a soundboard – replacing equipment that had been stolen -- in walked a young man carrying the church’s Yamaha keyboard and hoping to sell the stolen item to the store! Robinson alerted the store’s management and they got the equipment back.

Miraculous beings are all around, especially during hardships. When Ronald Reagan was shot, he said there were comforting nurses clad in white hovering around him, giving him crucial comfort even though what fascinated those he related the description to was that the nurses at that hospital did not wear white; they wore blue. That same year, Pope John Paul II survived an assassination attempt when the bullet took a path that missed his aorta and major organs – a course that surgeons described as “miraculous” (and which the Pope credited to the Virgin of Fatima, on whose anniversary the shooting occurred).

Angelic formations are often seen in clouds. Mainly, they are invisible.

"The times that angels have appeared to me in their full glory it was almost unbearable,” noted Dr. Storm, the atheist who had a near-death brush. “The brightness of the light that radiates from them is brighter than the light from a welding torch. Their light doesn’t burn the eye, but it is frightening because it is so different from our experience of life.

"An experience of the supernatural glory and power of an angel is frightening. They don’t appear to us in their natural state very often. They most often tone it down for us to keep us comfortable. I don’t have the words adequately to describe angels in their natural state. Brighter than lightning, beautiful beyond comparison, powerful, loving, and gentle are words that fail to describe them. The artists’ depictions of angels are pitifully inadequate.

"As an artist I am aware of the impossibility of representing an angel. How do you paint something that is more radiant than substance? How do you paint colors that you have never seen before or since? How do you describe love on a canvas. Why they intervene sometimes and other times don’t is between them and God. They told me that they always want to intervene in our lives but God restrains them. God wants us to experience the consequences of our actions. On special rare occasions, God allows the angels to help. When we ask God for spiritual gifts of love, faith, and hope, God always allows the angels to help us. Spiritual gifts are never refused if we are ready to receive them. The angels are working all the time to give us the love of God, faith in God, hope in God. Angels hear our prayers.”

They exude love. They rush to help. They respond to prayers of the fervent – that extra special level of faith. "Something caught my eye,” said the New York woman who was rescued from would-be muggers by a stranger. “I looked across the street to the other side. A tall young man, with shoulder-length curly blond hair was in the middle of the avenue, heading towards the stop. His face was beautiful. He had a very strong forehead. As he walked, his hair bounced and somehow the light caught his shiny blond curls. As I said, it was night, and it was dark. But, at that distance, from the other side of the street, I could make out the color of his eyes. They were a shining, sparkling blue --  ice-blue, piercing eyes.

"He was very strong looking; determination was written all over his face. He had a serious look on his face, not angry just serious like when someone is on a mission. My heart jumped with joy and relief. I was not alone anymore. He came and stood right next to me. He didn't say anything, he didn't look my way. He was very tall, white complexion. It's been about ten years since that happened and in my mind I can still see him crystal clear as if it was yesterday.

"What I remember most of all are the sparkling, piercing blue eyes. They were like two stars in the night. And his beautiful, curly blond hair bouncing as he walked, framing his strong forehead. Handsome, but he did not inspire human attraction, rather, respect and awe because you could feel his strength, not physical but a strength that I cannot describe.”

Nothing evil can touch them. They also bring us the lesson of joy. Angels are often described as joyful and perhaps it is joy that is their weapon.

Joy cuts a huge swath through even a landslide of negativity.

[resources: The God of Miracles]

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