An Introduction to Inner Healing by Fr. Robert de Grandis, a dynamic little booklet focused on a long prayer to heal hidden corners of the soul -- a prayer that walks us through the years of our lives of and asks for our deliverance from hurts, anxiety, negativity, confusion, anger pride, and many other things! CLICK HERE



[adapted from The God of Miracles]

There are no accidents of nature. They are overseen by Spirit. Consider the camel’s hump -- essential for storage of water on the desert -- or the way a chameleon lizard can switch color. Contemplate the platypus (there is no genetic line it seems to have derived from), and the actual light that some fish emit in the deepest part of the ocean (to lure fish or illuminate their surroundings). The black angler fish has a luminous forked structure on the roof of its mouth while a species of lantern fish has a light on its tongue!


It is the Spirit that organizes our organisms, and that includes our bodies; it is tapping into the Spirit that thus causes healings.

We turn to St. Hildegarde.

As she put it, the spirit "vivifies" the flesh. Thus: we take care of physical problems first in the spiritual.

We pray for medical direction. We pray to clear any blemish that may transmit.

“When by the mysterious order established by the Supreme Creator the body is quickened in the mother’s womb, the soul like a fiery globe bearing no resemblance to the human form takes possession of the heart, mounts to the brain, and animates all members,” said this great saint. “It gives strength to the heart which as the fundamental part governs the whole body, and like the firmament of Heaven holds together what is below it, hides what is above. It mounts to the brain, because in the wisdom of God it has the power to understand not only what is earthly, but also what is heavenly. It diffuses itself through all the members because it communicates vital strength to the whole body, to the marrow, the veins, to all the different parts just as a tree transmits sap from its roots to its branches that they may clothe themselves with leaves.”

Here we see how God heals! These forces are His. The soul dwells in the heart – and so we see how we need to cleanse our hearts if we want to take advantage of the power behind it. Many sicknesses start here. It is where we are “wounded.” It is also where hatred and unforgiveness can fester. The hurts from others linger as long as unforgiveness lingers -- blocking connection with the higher force.

We see the nature of that force and God’s desire to heal us even with the many reports of statues and other holy items that have shed or “wept” oil – the ancient balm of healing.

If God wants you healed, if it is in union with His Vision, it doesn't matter what the doctor says and it doesn't water what condition your body is in. He has brought folks back who had been "dead" for hours (and even were exhibiting rigor mortis!).

Dozens of cases have been reported elsewhere. Across my desk arrived the account of a toddler who was clinically dead for nearly two hours yet recovered. He had not taken a breath for 105 minutes! “I am astounded – I still can’t explain it,” said Dr. Andrew Numa, senior intensive care specialist at Children’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia. A man named Larry Green was pronounced dead in North Carolina and placed in a body bag before he came back to life (due to prayer, say his relatives).

Make room for God and look for His Mind more than your own and have union with His Vision. We need to meditate on those words. Let Him flow like the Mississippi. And “pray big.” Don’t let the expectations of the world, of the “logical,” limit you. Praying big means praying with openness. It means living with balance. On our way to that balance God sends us signs to point us in the right direction. Most are small – the little miracles. We take full advantage of them and the rest of His grace when we go with their flow and let life open up to us. We have to remember that life on earth should always be viewed “from above” and to do that we have to realize that we are here to learn. Our mistakes and trials are learning opportunities. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Instead of letting our mistakes discourage us, we should allow them to energize us.

Be open always to God’s perspective.

At our house we have a swale. During intense storms, it fills with water and stays that way for days and even weeks at a time (if there are hurricanes). Initially, this had me concerned. I called the town and was getting agitated when they didn’t come out and correct it.

God had another plan.

My son loves fish and frogs. That summer the storms kept water in the swale most of the summer, and hundreds of tadpoles thrived in it -- turning into frogs. During one storm a canal backed up and put small fish in it! Every day for several months my son was able to go out and watch the animals in their natural environment. Another time, as the weather dried, I was watering a new tree and forgot to turn the water off. Water is expensive where we live and it ran for hours!

When I stepped back and took a second look I realized the water had drained off the lawn and replenished that swale, saving the lives of the animals!

On another occasion, I wanted to take my family to an alligator park, but the others didn’t feel up to it, just my son. Instead we took a ride and ended up renting a small boat for a trip up a creek. Within a few minutes we saw the awesome sight of an alligator my own size there in the wild (much more awesome than a gator park), and then three smaller ones! On the second visit there were eight. On the third there were forty.

"Let go and let God" is the expression, and it's not just a cliche: Just about every day we're faced with a choice between doing things the way we think is best and doing things that flow with the Holy Spirit. When you have that choice, go with the Spirit. God wants us to be thinking, rational persons, but He also wants us to be faithful, fearless, and release things to Him. Too often we set our minds on a plan and attempt to adhere to it so rigidly that we can't hear His small voice within us.

God wants us to approach matters in a freer, more open, and certainly more trustful manner -- which means letting Him put things together. Time and again I've seen where I'll have a rigid schedule during a trip or other endeavor -- a master plan of how the day should be approached, with detailed plans that I have agonized over. On the other hand, when something unexpected comes up -- and I'm open to it -- it often leads to remarkable results.

The Lord opens up when we open to Him, and this is a lesson that can save us both time and tremendous internal wrangling. Much of our anxiety is caused by trying to hash out everything ourselves, with our own rigid intellects, instead of asking God to do it for us. By just releasing a plan or schedule, by dismissing rigid control, by stepping back, by going with His flow, we invite the miraculous. Despite His enormity, all God needs is a little opening!

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