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[adapted from The God of Miracles]

Intuition affects our lives.

It is interaction with God (when it has been confirmed through prayer).

We must listen to it!

How many times have we let our minds overrule what was in the heart (or "gut").

God doesn’t usually reveal much of what He has in mind for us (somehow this would spoil the "test"), but He does grant necessary indications. Sometimes He goes beyond intuition and infuses us with knowledge. This is the most common way that the Holy Spirit gives us inspiration. In the spirit world are angels whose job it is to warn and prompt us, to inspire us, and many events in history have been affected by them. Such has been acknowledged by scientists like Thomas Edison – who had such a sense of a transcendental force that he spent his last years trying to invent a device to more directly communicate with spirits (something that of course is not advisable).

Few are those who know that Isaac Newton was so spiritually involved that he kept notes for fifty years on his view of the Apocalypse. Apparently, he too sensed that his ideas came from elsewhere.

But mainly it is the common folk to whom Heaven speaks to prepare us or to console.

Signs come in many ways, and the more we pray (and listen to them), the more regular they become.

Remember, God sees where all the pieces to the puzzle go -- while we get hung up on a single piece. Or, we try to make an entirely new puzzle, one more to our own liking (and shortsightedness). When we do that, however, the pieces don’t fit. When we lack faith, we find ourselves forcing issues, which causes breakage.

Talk about signs: this is a sure one that we have strayed from where God wants us and if we keep it up, something will give. It may work for a while (we may be able to "push things through") -- but when we strain, there are defects. Our effort will not bear the kind of fruit that comes when we’re walking with the Spirit.

We’re meant to work within the framework of what He has designed for us, and when we don’t, there is resistance because we are pushing ourselves beyond His blueprints.

When you run across a pushy person, how do you feel?

Think of what happens when scientists try to alter or stretch His Creation (we end up with toxic waste).

God instills knowledge in ways we don’t understand and also gives humans the urge to do or not to do certain things in life, as a matter of survival. How interesting it is how the things that disgust, repel, or cause automatic fear (snakes! rats! spiders!) often have a dangerous element.

We all have had the experience of  knowing something isn’t good, or knowing we shouldn’t go somewhere, or knowing we should look to the left (only to see a car coming). Many are those who have avoided catastrophe when their plans were changed at the last moment.

As we struggle to get through this adventure called life we have to take advantage of Godly communication. Sometimes that communication is very direct. We recall Moses. In our own time are many folks like Bob Rice of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a former pastor who first began a healing ministry as a 26-year-old truck driver living in Vista, California, due to a startling locution. Raised a Baptist, Rice was a lukewarm believer and former Marine when one night he "heard" a voice speak to him in his thoughts. He took it to be God, Who gave him the name of a specific place he had never heard of. "The voice woke me up, and told me He wanted me to go to the 'Full Gospel Rescue Mission' in San Diego," claims Rice.

Unsure what to make of it -- and not one for mystical knowledge -- this young man tried to push it out of his mind until the "voice" spoke a second time on the same day. When that happened, Rice decided to do as he was told and headed with a friend to San Diego, where they looked in the part of town they thought might have a rescue mission.

It was the beginning of what turns out to be an astonishing journey, for they not only found a rescue mission but one by the exact name Bob had been "given"! (He is now a Catholic healer/evangelist.)

"God speaks quietly," Pope Benedict XVI once wrote. "But He gives us all kinds of signs. In retrospect, especially, we can see that He has given us a little nudge through a friend, through a book, or through what we see as a failure – even through 'accidents.' Life is actually full of these silent indications. If we remain alert, then slowly they piece together a consistent whole, and we begin to feel how God is guiding us.”

[resources: Bob Rice's book and The God of Miracles and Christmas Books, specials]

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