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A safe life is a deep life lived for God. When we approach each day from the perspective of His mission instead of our own, we are on the way to opening doors we didn’t even know existed, doors behind which, as I have emphasized, are graces in store for us. The apparition seen by that Marine in Viet Nam matched one depicted in the famous Catholic apparition known as the “Miraculous Medal” – during which the Blessed Mother, appearing to a nun who would later become a saint, appeared with rings on her fingers, each set with gems that radiated. It was explained to the nun that the rays from the gems were the symbols of graces that came from Christ and that Mary, as His assistant, shed upon those who asked for them. “The gems from which rays do not fall,” she said, “are the graces for which souls forget to ask."


We need to stop and think about what we may be missing! Those gems come when we are seeking His embrace and have taken the time to humbly ask for them.


Once received, such graces are enhanced every time we are diligent, overcome a bad habit, confess a sin (making a real effort not to repeat it), or turn away from what tempts us. God blesses us to encourage us in good and withdraws blessings to indicate when we are in error. Graces are enhanced every time we turn the other cheek. I have seen a number of cases where what seemed like a disaster caused by the evil of another was simply ignored and followed by graces that greatly exceeded what the evil took away. Every temptation is a gift because it is the chance to be more like Jesus.


Be real with yourself and do not bind yourself to material things but to God. And do not forget that your life is transitory like a flower.


Do not fear but see it at the root of other negative emotions. Fear is often the reason we dislike others, limit what we do, and isolate ourselves.


The more we overcome negative emotional reactions, the more we begin to feel peace, happiness, and freedom.


There is what is called a stream of life that flows from God and in Scripture it is called the “living waters.” It’s crystalline and like regular water, but is actually sparkling grace. It is impeded only when we throw rocks into it.


Those rocks are our tendencies to selfishness, which cause the “water” to divert around us.


When water is forced around a rock, it tends to get rough. If there are too many rocks, they plug the stream like a dam.


Our goal in life, our path to the miraculous, and to Heaven, is to remove whatever boulders may be in the stream of life that has been designated for us. In that way do we quicken the flow, letting the stream come with full fruition. That occurs through the purity of our intentions.


From there, we have to let ourselves flow with it.  That means releasing many of our tensions, timetables, troubles, anxieties, and routines to God, knowing that He is there when we need Him. He monitors events in our lives much more closely than we ourselves could ever hope to monitor them and while He may take His time, He is never late.


Give everything to God and don’t worry. Jesus said that the “anxiety of the world” makes us “unfruitful.” When we worry it’s a little stone that collects on top of other “worry stones.” Eventually, there will be a block; fear is like a boulder.


To attract the stream of life, we must shake off fear and become as pure as the heavenly flow. The worst enemy you have may be on your wrist. When we are slaves to time, we are slaves to the flow of what man has created, instead of the flow of God, Who is timeless.


"All for God and all for others" is the slogan of the wonderworker.


If you seek God and work for Him in everything, without pause, the result will be miraculous.

[resources: The God of Miracles and Michael Brown retreat, New Jersey]

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