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By Michael H. Brown

As gold shines, so do the faces of those who are positive in the Lord. John Paul II and Mother Teresa had it. Moses's face shone after he encountered the Almighty. There is an aura of brightness when the God of miracles touches us.

When He does so, He also protects us.

Those are overt signs of His presence. In day-to-day living, the signs come in smaller ways but often include another gift: the miracle of prophecy. Those who fix their eyes on God often are led by intuition. They feel things that others cannot feel, and such intuition prevents negativity (or prepares them for a great mission). A man I know in Pennsylvania, who fasts and loves God much, was sitting at his desk and heard the horn of an oncoming train.

Trains passed close to his office half a dozen times a day, but this time, for some reason, Tom sprang from his desk and felt compelled to run to the street -- where he spotted a car sitting on the tracks.

Oblivious (immersed in her headset), the driver didnít hear the throttle Ė and so was just sitting there at the crossing!

My friend banged on her window, alerted her to the onrushing locomotive, and saved her life.

He had been given the prophecy of intuition.

This intuition is crucial because it keeps us from hidden dangers in daily life -- dangers we may not ever realize.

The miraculous life functions on intuition that is enhanced by prayer. The more we pray, the more connected we are to God. By prayer I donít mean just a few "Praise You Jesuses" or rote phrases (though these certainly never hurt). God seeks to share His knowledge. It takes time. I mean settling down every day and often several times a day and truly seeking Him. Itís only a settled and clear state of mind through which the Lordís whisper comes (like the caress of wind).

When we pray, our minds sprout spiritual antennae. A woman from California wrote to describe how her mother was led to suddenly pray for her family at the precise moment that a stranger was trying to abduct her child at Disneyland. The grandmother simply had a "bad feeling" and sat down to recite a Rosary. She heeded her intuition, stopped everything, and prayed.

Just then, many miles away, something made her daughter glance at just the right time and catch the abductor trying to spirit away her child!

During disasters, we pray this gift upon those in trouble and intuition for those who search for them -- a prayer we need this day to say with some urgency, given the earthquake. Pray intuition upon the rescuers. Pray for angels around those trapped.

In our own day to day living, we need always to ask God to surround us with angels.

With this surrounding, comes more intuition.

When we act on prompts, God gives us more prompts, and then still more, until weíre moving firmly (and positively) in the Spirit. We develop what could be called the "momentum of the miraculous." We also have angels as a cocoon of protection.

Says a woman with the gift to see them: "We need not wait until we are desperate and in great pain to ask for this assistance: we should be asking every day, or every month, or once a year: 'I want my angels with me through everything I do.' The simple request will empower the angels to helps us." Invoke angels. Surround yourself.

Prayer brings angels who sharpen the intuition, which also expresses itself in dreams. God speaks to us through the subconscious and sometimes does so while weíre sleeping. We call it dreaming, and most of it seems like a release of pent-up emotions, as well as an unleashing of the imagination. In a dream state, reality comes in bits and pieces.

In those fragments, however, is often at least a sense of what is to come, and sometimes there is a visual display of foreknowledge or what you might call a "premonition."

Mostly, it comes in those deep hunches. It comes from knowing we know. It comes from giving ourselves over to Jesus.

When we let God shine through us, we are warned; we are protected; we are assigned more angels.

"In our morning prayers, there is a prayer I began to pray as a child, which has been passed on to our children," Kathy Holbrook of Cincinnati, Ohio, once wrote us. "It goes like this: 'O Mary, my Queen and my Mother, I offer myself entirely to Thee. In order to prove myself devoted to Thee, I consecrate to Thee this day: My sight, my hearing, my speech, my heart, my whole being. Since I am thine, dear Mother, preserve and defend me as thy property and possession.'"

[adapted from: The God of Miracles]

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