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[adapted from Michael Brown's The God of Miracles]

When coupled with forgiveness, the sacrament of Reconciliation brings tremendous healing.


First, however, ask God to reveal any sins you need to confess or anything you need to forgive -- then watch the blessings flow!


The holy practices we have been taught – in whatever aspect of the Church – have real benefit. During the Eucharist, the stream is channeled through the Host in the same way that light streams from the sun. Perhaps this is why so many see "sun miracles" with a Host in front of it.


From such practices come blessings you didn't even know were there: happiness, security, contentment among them.


I remember an unforgettable moment while visiting Assisi, Italy, near the tomb of the great St. Francis.


Walking up a road through an olive orchard after praying at a small chapel, I reached for a green olive and without thinking bit into it. I had no idea that it wasn’t ripe, and my taste buds we re immediately overwhelmed with the most bitter taste I’d ever encountered. I needed to wash the taste away! Quickly I made my way to the main basilica, my goal a water fountain -- but after just a minute or two of walking swiftly, there was a phenomenal transformation in my mouth: the bitterness suddenly had left and in its place was a taste so sweet that there is nothing I can cite in comparison, the most delectable aftertaste ever!


I don’t know how that happened. Was it a trick of my taste buds? I know only that a bitter moment had turned into one that was utterly great – as bitter moments do for us all when we are walking in the right place, in the right direction, and in the right circumstances. The Lord surprises with His unfailing generosity.


He may well be ready to give you what you have sought for so long but may be waiting for you to see His goodness in every aspect of life and to completely turn over your life to Him.


Know that there are blessings around the corner. Have faith! That potent combination will loose many gifts and lift you in a way that will exceed your best Christmas. See every problem as an opportunity, for thankfulness in all situations unlocks grace. When that is kept in mind, it brings the realization that there's never the need for desperation.


What a realization that is! I have heard so many accounts of miracles, miracles that often tax even the greatest credulity. One healer I cited has detailed the healing of a man who had a lung removed and a rib along with it. After the healer prayed over him, the rib suddenly appeared on x-rays.


It is mindful of a remarkably well-documented case in San Giovanni Rotundo, Italy, in which the missing eye of a construction worker was said to have rematerialized after St. Padre Pio prayed for him. When the bandage was taken off, there was the eye despite detailed medical descriptions of how it had been obliterated in a blasting accident.


Doctors had seen the empty socket.


Miracles are all around, if we would only notice.


Think of birth. What could be more miraculous than one unique and fully formed person coming from another? No purely physical process can account for it, and all day every day, God incorporates the natural with the supernatural. Isaac Newton came to appreciate the spiritual side of life when he "clearly saw God as an essential part of nature, the ‘first cause’ on which everything else depended." Meanwhile, Saint Albert the Great wrote brilliantly on how without God we are nothingness surrounded by nothingness -- that we must realize He made us, preserves us, causes us to react, enlivens us, emboldens us, gives us the very energy to move, and in the end draws us closer to Him, if we go along with it.


The more we appreciate the interchange between the physical and spiritual, the more we flow in the stream of life, which means gaining momentum toward larger miracles. Building faith means watching little miraculous prayers build into bigger ones.

[resources: The God of Miracles and Michael Brown retreat, New Jersey]

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