The Scriptural Rosary
Based on the original rosary, this incredibly powerful prayer includes all fifteen decades with a biblical meditation for each bead, we recommend this form of the rosary above all others as a potent source of grace and protection.  This rosary has origins in the psalms of David and brings us to the deepest mysteries of Mary and Christ.   Hardcover. (click here for story on Rosary). Highest recommendation!
It's packed with power because it has 150 little passages from the Bible and involves 15 recitations of the Lord's Prayer and 150 Hail Marys. CLICK HERE


A while back we carried some articles on Howard Storm, a former atheist and college professor who "died" from a perforated duodenum in 1985 while in Paris. His experience was a hellish one. Due to his disbelief, he found himself being dragged to a hellish place by fiendish entities. Finally, after hearing a voice say, "Pray to God," but not knowing any prayers, he struggled in his desperation to remember anything with "God" in it. Tentatively he murmured a line that was a jumble of the Twenty-third Psalm, the Star Spangled Banner, the Lord's Prayer, "God Bless America," and the Pledge of Allegiance!

It worked. At the Name of God the entities backed off. "To my amazement, the cruel merciless beings, which were tearing the life out of me, were incited to rage by my ragged prayer," he writes.

Anyway, we're made to wonder if the same thing isn't happening today. Since September 11, banners and bumper-stickers saying, "God Bless America" have dominated the landscape. They're seen on cars, from viaducts, on buildings across the land -- especially near New York.

Could it be that America is one big Howard Storm -- and that by bringing in God's Name we are collectively staving off more evil (for the time being)?

[a video interview with Howard is available in our bookshop]

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