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Do you need a fresh start in life? Is your life mired in any way? Do you need healing -- emotional, spiritual, or physical?

Go to the Babe.

Go to the Infant.

Go to the Power that reigns over earth and Heaven.

Simply, rest yourself down next to His crib.

In the purity of this Child are wonders we rarely appreciate.

How often we forget that Jesus was a Child surrounded by force. Note what happened to Elizabeth: the baby in her own womb reacted to the Presence of the unborn Jesus. 

Indeed, might this even have been the moment when John the Baptist was anointed with special power -- the gifts he was soon to exercise in the desert?

Look at the incredible effect of that miraculous painting of Guadalupe -- in which the Immaculate Mother is pregnant.

There is great power in that Infant and we too can partake of this enormous force when we invoke Him under that title:

Baby, Child, Infant.

Let the manger be a shrine. Let it be a sanctuary. Let it be a refuge. Let it lead you to a new vantage point -- where you now see things from above the fray and begin to benefit from everything even adversity.

Let the Infant dispel your darkness.

Speak to Him. Let Him touch your "inner child" -- that part of you that is hurt, that is frustrated. Let Him bring you back to the innocence you had at birth.

Ask Him to touch your spirit.

You see, the Infant came to bring us to our original goodness and higher selves. He came to make us well. Children often heal. Note the glow around a pregnant woman. Infants sometimes come to help us advance through trials and give us the example of purity to which we must return, shedding the crust of this earth, if we are to reach Heaven.

It is the "higher self" indicated by Christ as the Child that brings you above adversity (and to your destiny).

On this we need to hover: adversity, especially at this spiritually charged time of the year!

In life, we constantly encounter tests as we advance to new levels of destiny. The higher we go, the more we are tried.

Take those tests to the Infant. Ask Him to help you view those adversities from a higher station with clear eyes.

From that viewpoint -- from the vantage point of your higher self -- you will see nothing as adverse, nothing as a tragedy. With the Infant, all can be turned into victory.

Invoke the Infant when doors close. He knows what's behind them. He knows why they are closed to you.

Often, it's for your own benefit. Heaven may orchestrate those closed doors.

Doors slam in our faces. Enemies seek to trip us up. Someone is out there wishing you less than the best -- and talking up a storm of the negative. Often -- so often -- it's a relative. Or it's someone who rejects you. A relationship fails. A job falls through. Someone is unfair -- blocking you.

It's a test. Invoke the Infant!

Blocks and closed doors are often God's way of putting you on the right path -- of preventing you from taking a road that looks great but may go off a cliff. The Infant will show you this. With Him you will see that when disaster strikes, so do (often unseen) blessings.

Adversity is not a setback but a setting you up for victory in the future (if there is persistence). When we pass a test, we go to a high level.

It's a simple fact of life that frequently we need adversity to be inspired, find the energy to improve, or to start a new way of approaching something. It spurs us to discover other doors. It pushes us out of our inertia. It brings us farther down the hall. We discover new doors. We are spurred to reach higher levels. Many times our enemies do us more good than our friends -- when we respond correctly!

It's when we get mad or feel sorry for ourselves and withdraw or retaliate that a negative does not make way for that blessing!

Just yesterday the Pope said, "We too, by the gift of His Spirit, can turn to God in prayer with the confidence of children, calling upon him with the name Father, 'Abba.' But," he affirmed, "we must have the heart of the little ones, of the 'poor in spirit' -- in order to recognize that we are not self-sufficient, that we are unable to build our lives alone, that we need God -- we need to encounter him, to listen to him, to speak to him."

"Prayer," the Pontiff said, "opens us to receive the gift of God -- His wisdom -- which is Jesus Himself, in order to accomplish the Father's will in our lives and thus to find rest amidst the hardships of our journey."

Look at the adversity that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus experienced at that inn.

Yet, it was in God's design. (Would we have remembered a room at an inn like we do the manger?)

Yes, God could prevent that person from firing you. He could get you that glamorous job. He can bring that man or woman you want to marry you.

He can allow you to open any door.

But is it the right scenario? What would happen in the long term? Does it redound to your higher self and destiny?

God uses closed doors to keep us on the road to our higher perception.

Call it the "straight and narrow" -- and when we don't realize that, we fail to benefit.  We groan over our misfortunes. We sulk. We waste time (and energy). The same happens when we get mad at those who "harm" us. They also may be placed there by God to set us on the right way, and so the way to look at them is not that they are against us but for us (when we handle them correctly).

Look upon enemies as ladders to advancement. Bless them, in the Name of the Infant. Years ago, we saw a circumstance whereby the largest contract we had ever received for a book came from a secular publisher. It meant a significant amount of money at a time when we were trying to raise three kids and put them through Catholic school. It's hard being a religious writer! It's hard being a writer, period. Some years, in the secular world, you lose money working hard on a book.

So it was a most welcome project and then out of the blue one day it was cancelled. No reason was given. The literary agents wanted to fight it. They had never seen anything like it. We decided to "let it go" -- to let God steer us, and use what and who He willed. You could tell there was some kind of new path toward which He was redirecting us.

Our design was not His.

And so we let it go without a fight and slung no angry words and in the end the research turned into a Catholic book that became a bestseller and -- looking to start a new endeavor -- we decided to begin working on that new thing they called the internet. The idea: to present spiritual news from around the world.

The adversity of that closed door -- that "adversity" -- was turned by God into not just a big Catholic book on prophecy, but also into the biggest endeavor yet: this website, which is now eleven years old, and which was larger than any gift under our tree that year, praise God, praise the Infant.

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