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Instead of awaiting chastisement we are called to pray for transformation -- that the societies of men and the world we inhabit be profoundly changed to gain accordance with God's Plan (morally and naturally).

As stated by the Blessed Mother, we should pray to heal our world (not watch it fall to ruin).

Hoping for purification is understandable for those who are appalled by rising evils yet we are first to pray for fundamental change that will render disasters unnecessary.

It is perhaps time to reflect on the many cases of vandalism against the Catholic Church and in particular statues of Christ and the Blessed Mother.

While such things always occur -- through the decades, there have been countless cases -- the frequency seems to have quickened.

Most recently, there were cases of statue destruction in Western New York,  New Jersey-Philadelphia Florida, Utah, and Nebraska. In the New Jersey cases, forty statues were vandalized -- the images toppled and beheaded (in Cherry, Hill, Mount Laurel, and Evesham).

Stretching back to the 1990s, cases have ranged across the entire breadth of America, from northern California to Texas.

In most cases, they are the work of a local deranged person, sometimes a group of teens (immersed in drugs or the occult), or -- as in New Jersey -- a misguided "born-again" Christian who believes Catholic statues are idolatry (apparently unfamiliar with Scripture and correct use of the term "idol").

Are they just isolated cases, or is there a spirit moving?

On a larger scale, obscene or desecrated images of Jesus or the Blessed Mother have found their way into museums or the mass media -- the public square.

It is a question worth contemplation when we look at the small nation of Rwanda in Central Africa and the vandalism that took place there -- on a larger scale -- immediately before the Blessed Mother appeared at Kibeho and before the horror of genocide there (both captured in a powerful new DVD by Sean Bloomfield, If Only We Had Listened, narrated by a woman who lost her family in the holocaust).

In fact, the bishop of Nyundo, Monsignor Aloys Bigirumwami, said in his introduction to the seminal book on Kibeho, "I can't help mentioning the diabolical fury directed against the Mother of God between 1979 and 1981 [the year the apparitions began]. The wild iconoclasts removed and broke all the statues which were in the churches and at the crossroads throughout the whole of Rwanda, yet the voices of those in authority were not raised in protest at such sacrilegious acts."

We're not near that point -- "all the statues"! And in Rwanda, the destruction was so widespread that it smacked of a political or governmental operation (although the nation itself, from time to time, has been run by Catholics, and even consecrated).

But one wonders.

Is upheaval coming here too? Statues elsewhere in the world are also being desecrated -- often by Muslim or Hindu extremists (altars burned and blackened).

Everything today seems indifferent, disenchanted, scarce, or overwhelming. We see how things we took for granted now recede. In the boom of riches was not grace. Yet even excess must follow certain rules and what goes up must come down and where there was waste will now be paucity, where there was ego will be lowliness. What was too much will be too little and vice versa (such as rain).

All must swing in the proportion of the pendulum. We will be as "poor" as we were "rich," as simple as we have been complex, as humble as we have been proud, as disoriented as we have been oriented. Many things are falling -- reordering -- at the same time that evil rises and as the Blessed Mother allegedly said recently, at the same time that evil "wants to begin to rule."

This is noticed not just in trends toward a new world order but also in the acceptance of evil in our popular culture -- the vulgar language that is now mainstream, the public ridicule, the lewd photographs such that we have trouble linking to secular newspapers (and even some religious ones), the demonic tattoos that are everywhere in our faces, the hand gestures (those two fingers) that signify the devil at concerts and other public events and everywhere you turn, the "real housewives" who spread immorality, the prostitutes who were operating out of a Nevada "temple," the products sold in the neighborhood pharmacy (and even supermarket), the glaze on the eyes of truly strange celebrities.

It begins to "try to rule" as we recall the words from a seer that "one day when things are revealed, you will understand, your eyes will be opened. When we see the physical changes that will happen in the world, we will understand why [Mary] came every day." "Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains," is another message. "Therefore, renounce everything that distances you from the Lord. Adore Him alone, because He is the only true God."

At Kibeho, the Blessed Mother not only foresaw the genocide -- in detail -- but warned that her message of huge events pertained not just to Rwanda but to the entire world.

Few listened. Few listen still.

Check out the video. Review the way you view chastisements. And, speaking now just after that big remembrance of September 11, a suggestion: do a Bible search and see what comes up under the word "tower."

[resources: DVD: The apparitions at Kibeho, Our Lady of Kibeho, and Retreat in Boston and Atlanta]

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