The Other Side, by Michael H. Brown, a faith-filled and journalistic look at what happens when we die -- including in-depth descriptions of death, the parting of the soul, 'judgment,' transition to the other side of the veil, and the various regions which at the highest reaches will astonish you with their splendor and light! Of all his books, one not to miss because no other could be as important! Actual testimonies from those who 'returned' and insights on preparing for the wondrous day we all can joyfully reach! Fresh information and real cases that lend to the sights and sounds and Light of Heaven! This is the bestselling book we have ever published CLICK HERE



We're happy to introduce a new book, A Life of Blessings, by Michael H. Brown, which we believe is the most powerful book we have published since The Other Side in 2008 and The God of Miracles in 2005.

We hope it is blessed like none other.

It's a book (hopefully!) of inspiration. It's a book of healing. It's a book about deliverance. It's a book about finding inner tranquility, peace, and humility. It's a book that addresses purity --  cleansing the deepest parts of our souls. It's a book about finding joy here on earth and more importantly, in the afterlife.

It is Brown's twenty-fifth book. Above all else -- hopefully -- it is a book of preparation.

And so we are happy to announce it as a compilation and adaptation of the "self-help" articles we have had on this website as well as covered in part during retreats at this time when we all need to look inwardly (urgently).

No matter how trapped you are, know this: there is always an exit. Nothing is impossible with God (and His angels). The supernatural is real. Tap into it. Tap into goodness. Claim the gifts that God has reserved for you. Get closer to Him.  Learn to invoke the Holy Spirit. Learn how to chase away evil. Learn what to do when you feel "blocked." Learn to glow with a sense of well-being. Begin glimpsing -- and experiencing -- pieces of Heaven (here and now).


How do we find peace?

How do we find healing?

How do we purify?

Is it true that the soul is like a "robe"?

How do we deal with troublesome people (including relatives)?

What does God expect from us?

How does He view us?

What are we overly attached to?

How is the devil affecting us?

Are we addicted to anything?

Who is the real "you"?

How do we act when we are attacked?

Did you know that you have a special mission?

Are you weighed down from past "baggage"?

Are you stressed?


Do you feel blocked (or "cursed")?

Do you need to heal your past (and past relationships)?

Do you properly love?

Have you claimed all the blessings God has in store for you?

And much more. Read of miracles and conversions.

Spiritual warfare. The afterlife. Healing -- physical and spiritual.

Our hope: that in some way, large or small, this book helps with gaining a higher spiritual journey and the most pleasant possible entry into eternity.

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[about the author:  Michael Brown returned to the faith in the early 1980s, a 'metanoia' that  included an experience with the Archangel Michael. He has been to more than thirty sites of alleged Marian apparition, as well as other holy sites in places like Israel, and has spoken in about 400 cities and towns. He has specialized in Catholic spiritual-phenomena reportage. Brown was born in St. Mary's Hospital in Niagara Falls, N.Y. March 5, 1952, with twin sister Maureen. He is the son of Harold and Rose Brown. Harold was a CPA and Rose was a school teacher. He attended Fordham University, where he obtained a degree in communications, specializing in print journalism. Upon graduation he was hired as a general assignment reporter for The Binghamton, New York Sun-Bulletin. In 1976 he authored his first book, a journalistic and scientific look at those who claimed psychokinesis. In 1977 he rejoined The Niagara Gazette as a full-time reporter, covering outlying cities and towns and focusing on toxic-waste dumps in nearby towns. He then became the city hall reporter for Niagara Falls and a columnist. It was during this time that his focus turned to a toxic dump in the city itself, which soon became famous as 'Love Canal.' Through the grace of God, Love Canal grew into a major national and international story and sparked interest in the toxic waste problem. Michael also uncovered other toxic-waste threats. Michael's reporting was nominated for three categories of the Pulitzer Prize and drew a special award from the Environmental Protection Agency. President Carter declared Love Canal a national disaster. Michael then relocated to Manhattan and wrote a book for Pantheon (a division of Random House) entitled Laying Waste: The Poisoning of America by Toxic Chemicals, which was reviewed in hundreds of newspapers and adapted for articles in The New York Times Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, Family Weekly (now USA Today Magazine), and other magazines and major newspapers. He also served as a contributing editor to Science Digest Magazine. Michael appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows, including national ones such as Today, Nightline, McNeil-Lehrer, Larry King, Sally Jessy Raphael, TBN, Coast to Coast, Joan Rivers, and Mother Angelica Live. He also wrote a book about air contamination called The Toxic Cloud and one about paleoanthropololgy called The Search for Eve. In the early 1980s, while writing a book about the Mafia, he experienced a dramatic return to his Catholic faith (detailed in his book Prayer of the Warrior). His other books include Witness (with Josyp Terelya), The Final Hour (his most well-known book), The Trumpet of Gabriel, The Day Will Come, The Last Secret, Secrets of the Eucharist, After Life, Seven Days With Mary, The Bridge to Heaven, Sent To Earth, The God of Miracles, Tower of Light, The Other Side, a novel, The Seven, Life Missions, Family Healings, and a book about the deceased and angels and demons, The Spirits Around Us. He and wife Lisa have three children, Elizabeth Grace, Joseph Michael, and Mary Rose, plus an African Gray parrot, Mikie, and are founders of the Catholic news website, They live near St. Augustine, Florida.]

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