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The Church-approved apparitions at Litmanová include a slew of messages that are fascinating, sometimes surprising, we've learned, reviewing synopses of all the monthly appearances of Mary on a hilltop in Slovakia from August 5, 1990, to August 6, 1995.

Among them: word from the Blessed Mother on how to draw protection during coming events.

The appearances were to two girls, Iveta Korĉá, 12, and Katka Česelková, 13. For the main part, it was Iveta who heard Mary speak, while both saw her materialize out of a fog in front of them.

The Blessed Mother came in various dress, mainly a white one with blue mantle and blue sash, but at times dressed in gold, purple, and once even black, most often holding rosary beads and wearing a golden crown as well as a light-blue veil, the mantle tied behind her neck and "swaying nicely behind her," as one chronicler put it.

It's the messages that we'll concern ourselves with today.

Pleading for the faithful to pray all three Mysteries of the Rosary each day and fast twice a week, the Virgin Mary said, "I cannot look at the sins of Slovakia. My children have too much of everything and therefore they do not honor my Son or me. My Son will send a disaster on Slovakia. But if the people change and start to pray fervently, the disaster will go away."

The Rosary, Mary instructed Ivetka, had a great power that could not be overpowered "by any evil spirits."

"I am the Untainted Purity and the Queen of the Holy Rosary," said the Virgin in 1990. "Those who pray the Rosary also ask for all necessary mercy."

The day after Christmas that year, the Blessed Mother told them a wind storm that had occurred the previous Tuesday "was a test whether people would come to the place [of apparitions] or not, whether they remembered the previous apparition when she told them not to be afraid of snow, frost, and wind and instead to come," to quote the paraphrase of a message.

People wearing lockets and mentioning Mary as "Untainted Purity, often honoring that purity, "will receive my help every time they ask for it," she said (we do not use "allegedly" in apparitions approved by Church authorities).

"My children kill each other despite my being your loving mother, and this catastrophe was not God's Will because the devil has ruled the world for several years," said Mary, looking "sad" on January 20, 1991, a time during which former Yugoslavia was at war and the Persian Gulf War was in progress. "Therefore if my children wait for catastrophe, it will come! But if they resolve to give themselves into God's Hands and say, 'Let God's Will be done,' the catastrophe will not affect them because I will come in time. I am your loving mother and I advise my dear children to carry consecrated things with them in these times because the devil does not have such a great power then."

Referring to the Persian Gulf War, at one point the Virgin Mary (to paraphrase again, in the words of Ivetka) said that "almost all souls are condemned" there and that she listens to their "terrible screams."

These were apparitions that during high points -- such as May 5, 1991 -- reportedly saw hundreds of buses arrive, carrying pilgrims who thronged through the hillsides to reach the place where Mary was appearing. One estimate put the number of buses at 1,200.

It is the title Untainted Purity that apparently carries special protective powers.

"My dear children," she said, "I am happy that you entered my heart. Thank you. The period you live is very grievous, but you can survive spiritually in this way. I want to give you the gift of Jesus' Heart so that we can all meet in Heaven."

"I am very sad because the devil has been having the world in his hands for so many years," said Mary, in language often strikingly similar to Medjugorje. "And therefore, I call upon you to pray more and more." It was then she added (this on September 8, 1991), "I am very sad that I have to tell you something like that on the day of the feast but the time of God's visit is near." Primarily, said Ivetka, "she calls upon us to look for love."

She said it was "still the time" during which her Son offers Himself to us. She repeated this twice ("It is still the time").

But clearly, was the implication, time was running out.

"Stay in my heart during these times because you need to be more cautious and simpler," she said in her last formal appearance on August 6, 1995. "This time has come and you need to remain children who are absolutely free for God. Please, think about what I am saying," she said, repeating, "I wait for you in Heaven."

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