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From the mailbag: 'Move over now,' said the voice

I read "from the mailbag" today. And thought I would recount my story to you of what happened to me.

It was Sunday and that morning we had prayed at church for traveling mercies. Later that day I went out to get a box of candy from Phillips Candy House in Dorchester, Massachusetts for my husband for his birthday.

After purchasing the candy I was traveling alone going south on the Southeast Expressway in Boston. I was in the middle lane going about 60 m.p.h,,  following a pickup truck that had all these boxes in the back of.  I remember thinking "someone is moving."  In the Middle of the truck was a box as big as a refrigerator box.

All of a sudden, I heard an audible voice say with such authority and command...."MOVE OVER NOW"
I was not frightened, I obeyed and into the passing lane I went.  Those words MOVE OVER NOW must have meant something to me to obey, I could nothing but obey, I just knew I had to do what that voice said. 

As soon as I "moved over" that great big box in back of that truck came flying out and down the middle lane it went.  I did not see if it caused any accidents as such because I was in the passing lane.

Was it God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, my Guardian Angel?

All I know is that day, I was spared and God was watching over me. And to this very day I recount that story to many people when I am talking about Jesus to them.  God spared my life.  He loves you and He Loves Me.

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