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Business Man Correctly Prophesied WTC Disaster and Future Upheavals 

By Michael H. Brown

Ned Dougherty clinically "died" from respiratory or cardiac arrest on July 2, 1984, and during that episode allegedly had an experience with the hereafter and a heavenly entity he identifies as The Virgin Mary His prophecies also correctly foresaw episodes in his life.

Dougherty had predicted that "a major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, D.C., severely impacting the way we live in the United States" -- a prediction that has been fulfilled in only too obvious a fashion. His book is called The Fast Lane to Heaven, and it's about Ned Dougherty (The book is available in our bookstore).

 On July 2, 1984, something happened to him, something like a heart attack or a stroke, According to Dougherty (and remember, this is in a book that came out in March 2001), the "Lady of Light" -- who he would later identify as the Virgin Mary -- showed him events that would first happen in the Middle East and then Italy. "I was told that these events would be acts of 'aggression, terrorism, and war, performed by self-proclaimed radical groups, supposedly in the name of God," he wrote before the events of September 11.  Dougherty flatly predicted that "terrorist attacks and acts of war and aggression will continue to plague the Middle East, Africa, and Europe." He was shown a future in which violence would spread from the Middle East to Europe, and then to the former Soviet Union and to the Far East -- particularly China.

The greatest threat, he was shown, would come from China and a "two hundred million army" (see Revelation 9:16). "The Lady of Light specifically told me, 'Pray for the conversion of China,'" claims Dougherty. "'The conversion of China to God is necessary for the salvation of the world.'"

But most remarkable was what Dougherty had been told about the U.S. "While acts of terrorism and war and political unrest plague the Eastern Hemisphere, the Western Hemisphere will be spared the worst of the terrorism," he was told. "However, a major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, D.C., severely impacting the way we live in the United States."

Remember, this was recorded in a book released six months before the attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center! Dougherty sees aggression in the Middle East, China, Africa, and Europe, while the Western Hemisphere encounters natural disasters. He says that without prayer and a strong return to a pro-life society, there will be destruction in New York by natural disasters, which he sees for the entire country and both coasts.

"Freakish, erratic, and unseasonable weather patterns will create severe tidal flooding and erosion," Dougherty asserts in Fast Lane to Heaven. "There will be devastating tornadoes and wind storms; severe winter conditions with record snowfalls and freezing temperatures; record summer heat waves with severe drought; and an increase in destructive storms and hurricanes."  Dougherty is not talking about mere "signs of the times." He says he was shown visions of massive events and claims that he was shown that the banking and financial institutions could collapse "due in large part to the failure of the insurance companies as a result of natural disasters." 

If there is not a radical conversion -- and a great proliferation of prayer groups -- he foresees events that will affect both coasts. He says he was shown terrific ocean surges in Manhattan, on Long Island, and in Florida (at a bridge he believes is that span between the mainland and Key Biscayne). He believes that in the future coastal and other low-lying or unstable areas will diminish in population while mountainous and other "stable" areas become more desirable. It's his further belief that the "critical period of transition" will be completed prior to the year 2034. This struck home because there has long been the speculation that while events may occur throughout this century, major ones will be seen between now and 2040 based on the longevity of the seers at Medjugorje  (who are currently in their thirties and who say that they will live to see the secrets).

Dougherty believes that spiritually-minded people "will be drawn together to create self-supporting and self-sustaining communities" and will serve as the architect's for God's plan -- which is at great odds with a world of abortion, immorality, and materialism. As for the Vatican, "I believe that a similar terrorist attack will occur in the future in Italy, specifically in Rome. I believe that a fanatical religious group on a much larger scale will conduct the attack although it will be directed against one world leader. The focus of the attack will be upon the Vatican and the papacy."

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