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Prophecy: 2004 Will See A Greater Flow Of Realization, As Well Greater Events

By Michael H. Brown

At this time a year ago I wrote that the coming year would see an intensification of events. This intensification seems to have occurred -- as it has each of the past 13 years. You'll see in a moment why I say 13 years. There was no September 11 event in 2003, thank God; but we have watched how strange storms, intensified blizzards, record wildfires, and blackouts made it an interesting and surprising year indeed. There were two separate blackouts that afflicted Washington, D.C. -- which was also rattled by a quake, the epicenter of which was under land in Powhatan owned by the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament (and founded by St. Katherine Drexel). Meanwhile, there was Hurricane Isabel, which at one point threatened a direct hit. Perhaps we need to ask: why the nation's capital?

But, of course, Washington was hardly alone. Much of the Northeast went dark -- perhaps the surprise event of the year (with 50 million without power) -- and in quick, remarkable succession, there were similar blackouts in London, Mexico City, northern Germany, France, all of Italy (including the Vatican, during a consistory), and then San Francisco -- just a day before California was rattled by a significant earthquake. The epicenter of that one was San Simeon, home of Randolph Hearst (and America's most famous mansion). Why San Simeon?

And now, Iran. It is not yet clear how many have died; some say the toll could reach 50,000. Even at the low end of 25,000, that's more than eight times the casualties of 9/11 in a nation that may be harboring terrorists (just as Afghanistan suffered peculiar quakes during the last days of the Taliban). It is one of modern history's great quakes. And we ask: Why Iran?

A year ago I speculated that 2003 would see at least one "surprising" event. I don't know if that "prophecy" has come to be. That's up to your own discernment. There seem to be several candidates. Again, there was no 9/11, but the blackout -- the greatest in American history -- came as a very unpleasant and startling surprise (larger than the historic one in 1965), and now we have the Iranian disaster. Actually, the year itself was a surprise; the year was full of surprises. At one point, L.A. was threatened with flames! Why Los Angeles?

The event that would have rocked the world may have been averted -- at least, we should pray that it is and was. I speak here of news that there was a terrorist plan to hijack a plane and crash it Christmas day into the Vatican. This had been prophesied, and we believe it was prayers that averted this "surprise" from happening. We also believe that the consecration of Florida last May and then the courageous action by its governor to save Terri Schiavo -- the severely disabled woman -- may have stopped a "surprise" from occurring there. Keep in mind that Hurricane Isabel was a category-five storm for a while and one of its projected paths was Florida.

Even those who shrug off disasters or who openly rule out prophecy (contrary to the entire Old Testament) had to have been taken aback by what transpired in 2003. We have often written of the "1990 prophecy," a prediction that came at the end of that year and said regional disasters would increase as "signs of the times," as chastisements. Let us point out that of the 23 greatest earthquakes during the past eighty years, 14 have occurred since 1990. Yes, there is greater population -- and thus there are greater casualties. But this is now begging the odds. The sun flared as it has probably not in a thousand years.

As for that Iranian quake, it occurred in the ancient city of Bam (left), which prospered because of pilgrims visiting its Zoroastrian fire temple (dating to early Sassanian times). Its towers crumbled, as towers also crumbled on September 11 and as towers crumble throughout the Bible.

SARS? The flu? Mad cow? We have seen how contagious disease has twice affected the Catholic liturgy itself, with bishops temporarily halting the practice of Communion on the tongue and shaking of hands (the Peace Sign), first near Toronto because of SARS and now, due to the flu, from Boston to San Jose.

What about 2004?

We know that the world's most renowned living mystic, Maria Esperanza of Venezuela, sees it as an especially important year, with yet greater intensity. She also sees a new movement in Heaven. It will be interesting to see how this will translate. It is also intriguing that she returned to the U.S. (for a highly private visit) just before Christmas and just before the terrorist threats and those quakes. The last time she was here was just before the Iraq war and the time before that was during September 11 (when she was right there in the New York area).

This time, pay special attention to California.

2004. There will be even more activity. Every year, it will graduate. We will see remarkable events both in nature and the realm of humans. We have not responded well to the call to treat God as sole arbiter of life and death, and sole Creator, and our society is less moral than it was even four years ago. Christians are sitting back and letting a small minority strip Christ from public life (even though He was at the very foundation of America) and install distorted "rights" like homosexual marriage, which is a direct threat to the family and an abomination.

From the Mel Gibson movie -- which will put the Crucifixion (and traditionalist Catholicism) center stage -- to the war on terror, things will be revealed and hotly contested in 2004. There will be more talk of the Eucharist. There will be special proclamations from Rome. There will be a new light from Heaven. That's our little prophecy. Call it a projection: 2004 will be a Year of Realization and of enhanced events that in the years ahead will lead to a prophetic storm and surprises even greater than those of this strange and surprising and now passing year.

Dec 2004

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