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Esperanza's  Recent Sun Prophecies Fulfilled?

Great Seer' Health Also Improves

It was a year ago that seer Maria Esperanza of Venezuela warned the U.S. not to go to war in Iraq. At that time, despite rampant support for the war, she had said, "It would be a crazy thing to do, to attack Iraq, because they will attack and attack and attack, and they are prepared. They are just waiting to respond. They are just waiting for something to fall upon, the terrorists and Iraq together."

Those words are documented in the revised book of her life and now come back to haunt us. "Attack and attack and attack" is precisely what we have seen since the official end of the war.

She also foresaw unusual activity having to do with the sun; more on that in a moment. But as for the war: more U.S. soldiers -- at last count, 226 -- have died since the conflict "ended" last May than during the formal part of the war itself. A bomb attack at the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad in August killed 22 people, including the chief envoy, while in October, dozens more were killed in Baghdad bombings, including an attack on a Red Cross office. Then there was the helicopter that went down, killing 15 U.S. soldiers, and the bombing just yesterday that killed 18 Italians.

"The number of attacks against troops occupying Iraq has risen to thirty a day, the U.S. army commander said on Tuesday," notes BBC in confirming the prediction.

More than just prophesying the attacks, Esperanza had said the enemy would be "prepared," that they were just "waiting," and with news that the attacks are well-coordinated and involve rockets as well as intelligence information, such appears precisely to be the case. Esperanza warned in the book, Bridge To Heaven, that if the U.S. went to war it would expend the sympathy the world had for it following September 11 and would cause an effect beyond the Iraqi borders for years to come.

"The recent string of high-profile attacks on U.S. and allied forces in Iraq has appeared to be so methodical and well-crafted that some top U.S. commanders now fear this may be the war Saddam Hussein and his generals planned all along," notes MSNBC in a stunning report just today.

Esperanza had made general admonitions previously -- predicting, in December of 2000 (ten months before September 11), that foreign powers were on U.S. soil and were going to try to provoke the U.S. into war. At that time she foresaw a large and small force working together -- which some could interpret as being al-Qaeda and Iraq. Esperanza, who has been in ill health in recent years, and who, ironically, was in the New York area on September 11, also had told pilgrims in 1992 that she saw two towers in New York with smoke coming from them. She believes that God will send a new awareness to mankind next year, and has also prophesied a coming manifestation of Jesus -- a manifestation that will involve His appearance or presence to many.

While she suffers a mysterious Parkinson-like illness and still speaks with difficulty, at several points in the past year seriously infirm, friends and family members report that she has improved to some degree (much the same as the Pope, for whom she has offered her suffering, has somewhat improved in recent days) and is looking far healthier than she did during a private visit to the U.S. last winter. At that time, Esperanza, who is associated with a Church-approved site of apparitions called Betania, had told us she felt she was on a mission to the U.S., a nation she deeply cherishes. She remained at a secluded location in New Jersey right up to the outbreak of the Iraq war, when she and her family abruptly left. Most recently she has been struggling with a lung ailment. "She has been recovering little by little," says her daughter Maria Gracie. "Some times she is very well, happy and smiling. Other days, she goes down." She is not mobile and is in need of our prayers. Family members note that Maria, who will turn 75 on November 22, often does not pay attention to what day it is and yet continues to know what day certain events will take place in her own life.

"I don't know how many years ago it was, but I also remember hearing her say that there will come the time in which the sun will be different, will behave differently, and that this would be a huge sign," her son-in-law, Carlos Marrero Born, told Spirit Daily Wednesday. "She said that would be the sign of the 'sun of justice.' We thought at the time that it was a symbolic expression, but now, we see the way the sun has been behaving. They say it is like never before." Indeed, last week, the sun erupted in a spectacular flare unlike any in modern records. That followed two other unusual explosions and a dazzling display of the aurora borealis. This has confounded scientists.

According to Bornn, who also functions as one of her interpreters, Maria has been "very quiet" but has been saying we are going through "a very special moment." She doesn't say it's a bad moment, he notes, but rather "the beginning of something big and important," emphasizing that Esperanza, who has had mystical experiences since the age of five, and is widely regarded as the greatest living mystic, sees 2004 as a "rebirth" and a "new beginning of something special in the world." Bornn says he is not sure it will be visible, and Maria has provided few details, mentioning only "rivers of lights." He said the event or events of 2004 "may be in the spiritual realm." Maria has also expressed the opinion that major events will occur around 2015. "She has been telling us that a big moment is at hand. She feels something is going to happen soon," says Bornn, although he says he is not sure this is related to the spiritual infusion she foresees for 2004.

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