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Actions By Korea, Remarks By Leader Of Venezuela Focus On Old Prophetic Word


One is tempted to look at South America and contemplate the words of its greatest mystic, Maria Esperanza, of Caracas, who, when asked about future events, once said that they would start -- or at least some of them would start -- "right here," meaning Venezuela.

Venezuela is much in the news these days, with its leader, Hugo Chavez, rattling sabers at the U.S., along with North Korea, which has now tested a nuclear bomb.

Let us first start with President Chavez and ask: Will Venezuela become an intractable foe of the United States, like Cuba, or is it simply a feud with President George W. Bush? Will Chavez even remain in power (there was a huge protest against him last weekend)? And what is it that may start there?

Not long after Esperanza spoke the words she did -- mentioning also natural events -- there was a deluge of rain that caused massive mudslides near Caracas, killing thousands in a period of time that would begin to see many other such disasters, including hurricanes, quakes, tsunamis, floods, and blizzards elsewhere.

Was that what she meant by "starting here"?

Or was there also a political aspect?

Two weeks ago, at the United Nations, President Chavez denounced a speech given the day before by President Bush in the harshest terms imaginable.  “Yesterday, the devil came here, right here, right here," Chavez said, referring to President Bush. "And it smells of sulfur still today, this table that I am now standing in front of.”

Chávez then made the Sign of the Cross, brought his hands together as if in prayer, and glanced toward the ceiling.

Harsh indeed, and reminiscent of speeches given at the U.N. in the 1960s by Nikita Khrushchev. Is there a new cold war developing -- this time with third-world and Muslim countries?

How will matters align as now countries controlled by Islam become increasingly bold (see: Iran) while the same is true of Asian countries like North Korea?

Esperanza warned that one day the "yellow" races would "stand up" against the West. And while China looms as the chief Oriental threat, has not North Korea emerged as the most brazenly hostile? This recalls too the alleged prophecies of a European seer who once claimed to have seen the Blessed Mother indicating eastward and saying, "That is where it will come from." Shown a map of Korea, she said there would be periods of tranquility that would not last because "the Eastern nations have been aroused by an ideology that does not believe in the Son."

Meanwhile, in a speech during the same U.N. a year before, the radical Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called upon Allah to "hasten the emergence of your last repository, the Promised One, that perfect and pure human being, the one that will fill this world with justice and peace."

That was an apparent allusion to a messiah-like "Mahdi" or hidden Imam who is ready to arrive and herald the end times. "Ahmadinejad's mystical vision was that he was destined to be the divinely appointed agent who was charged by Allah to do what was necessary to occasion the Mahdi's second coming," noted one commentator. "Before the Mahdi returned, there must be chaos, world apocalypse."

These of course are dangerous beliefs for the head of country that like Korea is pursuing nuclear weapons.

During his stay at the U.N., Chavez met with the Iranian leader as well as representatives from North Korea and Nigeria. Moreover, the Venezuelan leader recently traveled to Syria, where he wants to work with Iran at building a nuclear reactor (and where he was cheered by thousands).

Is a new axis forming here -- one that will help radical Muslims bridge the Atlantic and others develop more nuclear weapons?

"As a matter of high policy, Hugo is attempting to curry favor among African states to back his bid for a U.N. Security Council Seat, raise oil prices, and fulfill his vision of a multi-polar world," asserted one news service. "Cheap oil and cash are one set of incentives -- cheap firearms with no strings attached are another."

Chavez has fantasized about oil at $100 a barrel. Are we seeing the oil producers lining up in a different way -- this time militarily, as well as economically -- against the U.S.?

Let us hope not. There are many terrific people in Venezuela. But meanwhile, there remains an undercurrent not only against the U.S. but also Rome due to the remarks by Pope Benedict XVI. There are those who see the opportunity here for rapprochement with Muslims -- a new dialogue. The same may occur with Venezuela -- where the bishops and government are beginning to get along better. Maybe there is hope for North Korea because even the Chinese are upset at what they have just done.

Or is it the calm before the storm?

"Earlier this year I had a dream in which I was standing in the middle of the city and there were people all around running to and fro," writes a viewer named Deanette Pease. "Then I looked up to the sky. It was night time. The sun was shining with darkness all around it. Then, a white moon passed in front of the sun and began to spell this word letter by letters T-I-M-E. I watched it slowly spell the word on top of this moon. This moon was round and white, looked like a communion Host. Then, this moon crashed into the city and there was fire and burning all around. People were screaming and running everywhere.   I will never forget this word -- Time."

Hmm. Can we put stock in such?

With love we can neutralize any threat. That is our view, although we are also open to yours.

<br>The Bridge to Heaven- Revised and Updated by Michael H. Brown