We'll be bringing our retreat to the heart of the South in December. The exact time: Saturday, December 7, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Ballantyne Hotel, 10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Charlotte, North Carolina [see below for direction].


We're excited to be in North Carolina -- within reach too of South Carolina and Georgia! The retreat will be given by Catholic author Michael Brown and will focus on our current time, the "prophetic pulse," spiritual warfare (protection), and the afterlife. There will also be a discussion of generational healing, plus prayers. Available will be his latest book, Fear of Fire (as well as others).


Future events. Spiritual warfare. The Blessed Mother. The Church. The supernatural reality around us.


What's in store for this part of the world -- and our world?


Times are intensifying! And will become more so. Indeed! But if we're prepared -- as we will discuss in depth -- there is nothing whatsoever to fear, here or in the hereafter.


Admission can be purchased on-line with button below; or by calling 386-446-8139 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST weekdays or via mail by check to: Spirit Daily, 11 Walter Place, Palm Coast, Florida, 32164. Please note that there are no tickets issued; attendees will be on a list at door. If there is room, there will be door admittance. Priests and nuns are free! We are situating this centrally. Please let your friends in nearby cities know! Those driving from more than  an hour away can call for discount.


retreat, $30 (hit "add to cart" and then, when done, "complete order" to finalize; include name, phone, and e-mail;  pay no attention to shipping charge; automatic merchant handling/shipping fee of $2 will be credited back to your account; call 386-446-8139 or email mbrown33@aol.com if any questions).

We will announce it if there will be a blessing of articles, water, and salt.


[Special deliverance prayers will be recited. Books and videos will be available. We pray for you and ask for your prayers!]



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