We're happy to release a new book by Michael H. Brown, The God of Healing, which focuses on both spiritual -- supernatural -- and natural forms of "miraculous" cures.

From praying right to eating right, the book covers a wide array of health issues at this time when so many are challenged by serious medical issues, including maladies such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, allergies, heart problems, arterial blockage, macular degeneration, and cancer.

"We're in a time when we live longer but in a way that drags on with chronic disease plaguing large segments of our society and the final years -- sometimes the final decades -- ones of lingering, degenerative disorders," says the author. "It doesn't have to be this way. God did not plan it this way. And He provides us with both the natural and spiritual means to tackle many disorders, when a healing is in His Will -- as often it is."

From demonic affliction to poor nutrition, Brown relates account after account of those who have recovered in a striking and sometimes incredible fashion from surefire "death" sentences.

"There is no such thing as 'terminal' disease," says Brown, a former contributor to Science Digest and American Health, as well as the author of twenty Catholic books such as The Other Side and The God of Miracles.

"We're all 'terminal.'  But in many, many cases, we can take steps to live longer and approach 'incurable' disease in a way that gives great hope."

Can God heal anything? Are there really extraordinary, miraculous cures? Spiritually and physically, can we prevent many of the diseases ravaging modern man? These are some of the questions approached in this book covering the breadth of natural and spiritual healing -- how we can improve our health and well-being -- and often longevity -- through changes in lifestyle and spiritual outlook. For when there is darkness inside, it is often reflected in sickness outside. Can disorders be demonic? What about nutrition? What kind of spiritual approach is the most effective? What changes must we make in our lives?

"Never give up hope," says Brown. "I have seen or read about countless cases in which those who were told they had just months or weeks to live have rebounded and gone on for years or decades. Our medical profession needs to reassess the way it approaches many ailments and consider the spiritual, nutritional, and emotional aspects as long as the strictly physical. We must 'practice faith' as well as 'medicine,' or our society will continue to limp along with chronic, debilitating disease that can be prevented or at least lessened."

Brown has written three books of science and as a reporter was involved with exposure of the health problem at the notorious Love Canal, chronicled in his well-known 1980 book for Random House/Pantheon, Laying Waste: The Poisoning of America by Toxic Chemicals, which exposed the scandal of toxic wastes and was adapted for articles in The New York Times Sunday Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, New York Magazine, Reader's Digest, and other publications. He spoke for ten years on the college lecture circuit on topics to do with toxic contamination, and was responsible, at Science Digest, for exposing the use by fast-food companies of beef tallow to fry chicken and fish -- an expose that led major firms such as Burger King, McDonald's, and Kentucky Fried Chicken to alter frying practices. After a reversion to the faith of his upbringing in the early 1980s, he eventually left secular reportage and in 1990 began to write Catholic books, including Witness and The Final Hour. He also directs this website, Spirit Daily.

What changes must we make in our lives?

How can we get well?

How best to prevent cancer -- or handle it, if it occurs?

Read of those who have recovered almost Lazarus-like, of the man who was in a state of rigor mortis when a simple prayer brought him back, of those whose simple faith had rescued children and others from autism, paralysis, malignant tumors. Who, approaching Jesus in Scripture, was denied a healing? How can we spiritually and physically prevent chronic probems?

From Lourdes to the laying-on-of-hands:

This is a book of miracles. It is a book that follows what Scripture says about supernatural cures. It is a work that clearly demonstrates that Jesus heals as much -- or more -- today than He did when He walked this earth.

Mental, physical, or spiritual: our health is important to God, and while there are cases of "redemptive" suffering or sacrifice, and the simple aging process, there are times in our lives when we bring poor health and disease upon ourselves, sicknesses that we often have the power -- with Jesus -- to cast out of our lives and live life with joy, fearlessness, and more abundantly!

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