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God often works through people in ways we least expect. He sends folks and events onto the pathways of our lives.

For this reason, we should always seek to look for the good -- for God -- in a person (or circumstance).

Meanwhile, whatever occurs, we should always remember that God is the Creator of the universe and can turn things that are bad (anything) into things that are good (when we let Him).

This is also true with our families:

Relatives so often have good to offer us. They have been set in place to help us, and us them.

There are times, however, when the influence is negative.

A burgeoning number of books -- most by priests -- are focusing on that issue: healing the family tree. For often, there are what seem like peculiar, negative, harmful traits that run through families.

Family members may be prone to jealousy, anger, lust, pride, alcoholism, timidity, failure, and other negatives -- traits that can be passed down and may also be transmitted by friends, co-workers, and others (in our paths) who are not quite so positive and whose flaws may attach themselves to us because we have an attachment to the person.

It's a serious and mostly unrecognized issue, one addressed in a truly fresh and inspired new book by Father Yozefu-B. Ssemakula, who is now ministering in the U.S. (based in the Pensacola-Tallahassee diocese) and hails from Uganda. There is no more in-depth book on this mysterious, important topic, nor one filled with such powerful prayers (to cleanse and heal the family). 

Although we rarely recognize it, says Father Yozefu (for our consideration), evil of the kind that contaminates a person from sinful traits or behavior can be spread from relatives and others in close contact with us. Call it transference. 

"In general, I normally say if a problem shows up just twice in a family, you can safely consider it a family bondage," writes Father Yozefu boldly. "Do the family healing prayer. You will not regret it. With time I have learned to begin any prayer for anybody by [first] praying for the healing of their family -- and we are always surprised about how much (bad) just quits even before you touch it."

In other words, many root problems are from hidden familial or other relational circumstances.

The priest warns that evil in families often materializes as untoward events like accidents, especially of children who bear the brunt of generational baggage. Secret traits such as sexual deviation may be inherited from relatives and ancestors or transmitted by friends without our knowing it. At the root of many bondages is evil, he explains.

That's particularly true -- as we have often emphasized -- of the wrongful sex or involvement with the occult. A visit to a palm reader or medium or psychic or astrologer can contaminate a family line if such was done by a parent or grandparent or even much further back -- and perhaps more than just a few generations, argues Father Yozefu, necessitating prayers for the complete cleansing of a lineage. Doing that leaves our children more of a spiritual footing.

We certainly don't want to leave them what was heaped upon us.

Nor should we resign ourselves to bearing "sins of the fathers" (and the repercussions). Many problems can be resolved by breaking free of family negativities -- and avoiding contact with darkness.

It is a mission in life: to cleanse. It is important to purge ourselves from wrong encounters and attachments to negative people (for the devil also puts people such as those onto our paths).

We are called to pray for their deliverance -- and move on. Especially potent: contamination that is transmitted through carnality. For when we have a wrongful soul tie with someone, we are exposed to their unfortunate aspects (and they to ours).  How to cleanse? "Given the spiritual 'stickiness' of the sexual relationship, it is even more imperative to subject it to Christ's salvific power," Father Jozefu writes in The Healing of Families: How to Pray Effectively for Those Stubborn Personal and Familial Problems. "It is therefore good that one make a comprehensive list (may use initials instead of names) of all people with whom they have ever had any inappropriate relationship, physical or otherwise, as far back as they can remember, even if all this has been confessed and repented of previously. This is not a denial of the forgiveness already offered by God if these sins have been confessed; it is merely taking care of another aspect of the effect of those sins. Besides, many do frequently experience that, despite their good will and prior sacramental repentance, they were not freed from lingering on these past relationships. The prayer that we say to specifically and consciously 'cut' these relationships in spirit is experienced by many as a powerful enhancement of the effects of their sacramental Confession." In other words, often, a residue -- a blotch in the spirit -- must be expiated.

And it isn't just sex and the occult. We can receive darkness -- or inherit it -- in many ways. "Satan promptly sets in motion this 'electric shock' to contaminate not only that person but as many as he can who are also attached to the person (i.e., family)," says Father Yozefu, pointing out that materialism -- worship of man-made objects -- is as bad as the occult because it is the reverence for -- idolatry of -- man-made objects instead of God, "such as money and all its derivatives," says the priest. In our modern time, there is much evil because "the heart of man can be practically eaten up with materialism," he notes, which is just another trap set by Satan. "He seems to get the same result [as with the occult], only in the second case, instead of being clothed with Santeria, or African religion's messy rituals, for example, it is clothed with sleek cars and luxury homes."

When there is pain in our lives, we must look to purge the hidden force or obstruction. Let us add that when there is pain, often God is calling us to reflect and re-evaluate.

Once we get back to who we really are, we must stay there.

How frustrated many are, when -- because the block remains -- grace seems to bounce off. Prayers don't seem to "work." Despite devotion, the path remains unclear.

The result can even be illness. In fact, the result often is illness -- argues Father Jozefu.

People die for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). As Father Jozfu also explains, we can also suffer due to an attachment with someone who is deceased -- which is another reason why it is so crucial to pray that souls of those we have known ascend into Heaven.

Father Jozefu, who offers page after page of prayers (for breaking curses, for breaking evil "seals," for cutting bondages, for protection, for blocking access points, for infilling with the Holy Spirit), recounts the case of a woman who came to see him because suddenly -- in her fifties -- she had become an alcoholic.

Nor was it a family trait.

When Father Jozefu searched further, he says, he discovered that the heavy drinking began after a friend who was alcoholic died.  Though she had taken a little alcohol to keep her friend company, the woman had never been intoxicated; now she was drinking until she passed out.

The priest asked her, "Can you imagine that you could be drinking your friend's alcohol?"

"What, father?" she replied. "What are you talking about? She is dead!"

Notes the priest, "I explained how the whole thing works, and how her friendship was also a spiritual connection because she had consented to drinking -- however little -- with the alcoholic friend. So I said, 'I will say a short prayer for you -- here on the phone -- and I am going to ask Jesus to separate you in spirit from your alcoholic friend, so you won't have to drink anymore.' She agreed. The prayer was less than two minutes long and simply consisted of a format that included the following: 'In the Name of Jesus, I cut you free from your alcoholic friend. I put the Cross of Christ between you and her that it may enhance in you the good qualities you appreciated in her, and that it may block away from you any negative things that came to you through your relationship. And that she may rest in peace. Amen.'

"You notice that alcoholism as such was not the subject of our prayer, neither was stopping the drinking. We had simply prayed that she be separated in spirit from her friend.

"And, as I was to learn later, it was the end of her 'alcoholism.'"

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