We hear a lot about the evil of abortion -- this word, "evil," used in a generic way -- but are there actual instances of demonic activity in the heart of the beast: abortion clinics themselves, during the "procedures"?

For this we turned to Abby Johnson of Round Rock, Texas, who directed a Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan until 2009, when, observing an abortion on ultrasound, she "watched in horror as a 13-week baby fought, and ultimately lost, its life at the hand of the abortionist." Abby now heads an organization that among other things reaches out to abortion workers. It's all very much in the news these days.

What is it actually "about"? Are there actually manifestations of darkness in there where the doctors and assistants, blinded spiritually, are terminating the lives of unborn -- a modern-day "sacrifice of the innocents"?

"We have all heard stories and certainly there is spiritual blindness," said Abby, who when she first started working for Planned Parenthood thought she would be helping to reduce abortions and help women, but instead found it to be an organization that sells abortions (as it apparently also sells fetal body parts). "All of a sudden the things they were doing now seem abhorrent when the scales come off your eyes."

"Definitely we have heard of things happening," Abby continued. "One worker called and said that while she was watching a doctor doing a late-term abortion it was like his face morphed into that of a demon."

"It's like the workers were under attack," recalled Abby. ""One at our clinic told me, 'You don't want to be in this building by yourself because every time I come in here I hear babies crying.' There were definitely times when I felt an evil presence, a creepy feeling, and ran out of the building..."

We have to get a bit graphic here (those who get upset may want to skip this paragraph). Besides the room where abortion were actually performed was the POC room (for "products of conception"), where workers pieced together and counted fetal "tissue" (body parts, to make sure nothing was left inside the patient and in some cases, apparently, to harvest). Abby said she was also bothered by how female workers who normally seemed sweet and gentle suddenly began morphing themselves, acting and speaking harshly -- joking crassly -- as they went about their gruesome business. "These kind people suddenly would say the most horrendous things," says Abby. "It almost like they were giggling and crackling over the babies, as they made derogatory comments about the babies, almost like witches around a caldron. It was almost like that." Tough stuff to hear.

Unknown to them, workers at such clinics, blinded spiritually, are often under what the former clinic director describes as "spiritual attack." At one retreat for seven abortion workers Abby says she noted that three of the seven -- nearly half -- had lost children at a young age (and not by miscarriage). Bad things happen when we are in the vicinity of evil -- and cooperating, to whatever extent, in it. There is certainly the "shadow of the valley of death."

Blindness? Two of the workers were Sunday Catholic churchgoers.

What workers seemed to dislike the most, says Johnson, was when priests or religious sisters were out in front on the sidewalk protesting and praying. She observed that there "unquestionably" was something about the ordained that lent an "inexplicable" presence, this time a good one -- one that even caused a supervisor to shed tears as she stared outside at them one day, saying, "I wish they weren't here."

"Workers didn't want to come in when a priest or nun was there," said Abby. "It added a powerful element. You can't really describe it."

She is a frequently requested guest on Fox News and a variety of other shows and the author of the nationally best-selling book, Unplanned, which chronicles both her experiences within Planned Parenthood and her dramatic exit. Her organization has helped over 150 workers leave the industry. She is herself the mother of five children. A documentary movie about her is reportedly in the works. In 2012 she and her husband, who tolerated her work, even though he was against abortion, converted to Catholicism.

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