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Author Sees Halloween As 'Evil Time Of Year'

By Robert Abel

[editor's note: with Halloween decorations now beginning to rival those for Christmas, with 'haunted house' attractions cropping all over the world -- too many of them with outright demonic themes -- and with the use of gargoyles and other paraphernalia that make no pretenses to anything good, many have nonetheless lost sight of Halloween's hidden dangers, and thus this view from a specialist in Catholic deliverance]

Halloween is the time of year when Satanists practice their most intense rituals. Like Christmas is for Christians, so Halloween is for Satanists. Many witches and Satanists start preparing for Halloween several months in advance. Their purpose is to cover the earth with darkness, so that control of this world can be turned over to what the Bible calls, the Ruler of this world, the Father of all lies, the Devil.

To accomplish this, professional occult members pray curses, participate in appalling sexual acts, and perform blood sacrifices, along with many other unfathomable acts of wickedness this time of year. These despicable practices create a stifling cloud of darkness that spreads curses over the land all the way from Whidbey Island in Washington State to Salem, Massachusetts. 

Lent, on the other hand, is a spiritually charged time of year. During Lent there are hundreds of thousands of Catholics praying, fasting, and performing acts of penance. Lent is a time when the ever-increasing amount of darkness that covers the world is weakened, and Godís graces are allowed to flow more abundantly.

Are you able to discern the difference? Do you feel more spiritual during Lent or during Halloween? Do you find yourself participating in immoral acts during Halloween that you wouldnít normally do any other time of year? If so, you are being swept away into the spiritual dynamic of evil that covers our nation during Halloween.

Unfortunately, there may be a few people reading these words who are hindered from using the spiritual gifts of discernment that God has given them, so please allow me to explain the dynamics of the spiritual realm, and how the evil influences of a principality can affect those living under itís covering:

When thousands of football fans gather together in a stadium to worship their favorite team, a spiritual dynamic is created. Every man has a spirit, and when thousands join their spirits together in unity, a force is created that has the power to sweep others away in its momentum. It doesnít matter if you like football or not; if you allow yourself to be swept away with the spirit of Bronco-mania, you may find yourself rising to your feet and screaming every time Denver scores a touchdown.

Another example is the Pet Rock. Many years ago, when the craze hit the country, everybody was running to the store buying small pebbles for $5. There were thousands of free rocks laying in gravel driveways all across America, but those who bought a Pet Rock where being swept away by a herd mentality, no different than when a herd of bison are driven over a cliff.

When herds of bison are all running together, they feel strong and safe. Thereís safety in numbers, and when everybody is running in the same direction, thereís power in unity and a strong spiritual dynamic that sweeps over the herd. Once you get swept away in a herd mentality, it is very difficult to change direction, and if you are not careful, the ground beneath your feet may suddenly run out.

As Catholics, we are called to advance Godís kingdom here on earth. We are not called to be swept away by the ways of the world. Halloween is not a time to celebrate evil, dressing small children up as werewolves and monsters covered with blood, but a time for increased prayer efforts and a heightened sense of security.

When evil attacks, it is very subtle. After the darkness of Halloween slowly creeps in over our land, it then hinders our ability to maintain a close relationship with God. All of the sudden, you may not find yourself feeling very spiritual. You may not feel like praying or going to Mass.

After evil has successfully cut a vast multitude of people off from God, it then sweeps in for the kill. First evil attacks our relationship with God and after we are separated from Godís protective graces, evil then attacks our finances, causes confusion, attacks our health, creates accidents, and even disasters to occur.

Halloween is a time for increased prayer efforts. It is also a time for fasting. Let us bring in the spirit of Lent, which through the Precious Blood breaks all evil! Please pray for the dark cloud that sweeps in over our nation this time of year to be broken. Please pray for the protection of small children and animals. Please pray for a heightened sense of awareness and increased pray efforts among all believers. Please pray for Catholic Revival.


[Robert Abel is author of The Catholic Warrior and Spiritual Warfare Prayers]

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