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Religious Spirits Seen Attacking Church, Setting Believers Against Believers

By Rob Abel

Thousands of years ago in the glorious majesty of the heavenly realms, millions of angelic beings spent the better half of eternity worshiping God. Then one day, Satan led a revolt. One-third of the angelic army was stripped of their power and cast out of heaven. These angelic beings, now called demons, have been cast down to the earth with great wrath.

According to John 10:10, these fallen angels have only one mission ó to steal, slaughter, and destroy. Satan has assigned fallen angels to every Catholic parish in existence. Their plan of attack is to stifle the spiritual atmosphere of the Church, cause divisions, and prevent Catholics from worshiping God in Spirit and in truth.

This deadly enemy has had plenty of experience perverting authentic worship. It has the power to appear in the form of angelic light. It can trick Godís children into believing that it has something beneficial to offer, like the time when it deceived Adam and Eve in the garden.

Religious spirits also have a long history of defiling the holy priesthood. Two thousand years ago the demonic influence was so strong that Jesus called the highly respected religious leaders, ďBrood of vipers, and whitewashed tombs full of dead menís bones.Ē

The religious spirits had acquired so much control that they had Jesus crucified. Demons entered the minds and hearts of the royal priesthood, twisted the laws of God out of context, and then killed Godís only Son by hanging him on a cross. Afterwards, the religious spirits helped the scribes and Pharisees justify their behaviors with spiritual pride and self-righteousness. 

The same demonic influence is in full force today.

It creates religious idols and makes the rules and regulations of religion more important than the spirit of love and holiness.

Anytime a Christian becomes so angry and judgmental that he attacks another believer, trying to convince him that his way of worshiping God is the only way to worship, religious spirits are causing more divisions within the body. Religious spirits have the desire to start arguments, tear apart the Church, and project their self-imposed authority on others.

Every time a parish priest delivers an anointed homily, and several people attack him after Mass with critical remarks, religious spirits are hard at work stifling the movement of the Holy Spirit. Religious spirits would rather have the entire congregation sit in a state of complacency listening to the choir play musical instruments, than for everybody to raise their hearts and voices to God in a spirit of joyful praise.

If religious spirits have infiltrated your parish community, it is a calling for you to take action. Jesus gave the power to take authority over all unclean spirits to his disciples. All you need to do is take authority over your worship space and pray for Godís warring angels to strike down and destroy all demonic spirits of religion.

Please pray to break all spells, hexes, and demonic incantations that have been directed against your parish. Pray to break all word curses spoken against your parish priests and the Magisterium of the Church. Pray to break all media curses and momentary curses that would hinder your parishís financial and spiritual growth.

Please pray for Godís blessing on every aspect of your parish community. Pray for God to raise up holy men and women to serve the Church in Spirit and in truth. Pray for the power of the Holy Sprit to fill the minds and hearts of all Catholics everywhere, just like on the day of Pentecost. Please pray for Catholic Revival.


[Robert Abel is author of The Catholic Warrior and Spiritual Warfare Prayers]

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