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The deceased manifest themselves to us in many ways. According to the Blessed Mother, they are looking for prayers.

"I have been so blessed by your decision to include some of the stories speaking of 'signs from the other side,'" wrote a viewer named Shirley Bachmeier. "I thought I would add an experience I had with my father who passed away five years ago.

"I was on the treadmill listening to a beautiful instrumental [by a well-known Catholic musician] on his Glorious Mysteries CD; it was just lifting me into the heavenlies. All of a sudden I heard the voice of my father say to me, 'Shirley, I am learning how to love!'

"The words just pierced through my mind and heart. I nearly fell off the treadmill. What makes this so special is I never knew the love of my father. He did not know how to show his love while with us… In fact, he most often showed us the opposite of loving us. Just before he died, I was given the grace to forgive him and actually helped him to accept Jesus' forgiveness for his transgressions -- so this was really a beautiful confirmation of his being in the place that was finishing the process of teaching him to love his family and being able to love us 'from the other side.' What a gift to all of us who were still struggling with his memories in our lives."

A huge lesson: God's mercy!

"My cousin was at her daughter's confirmation when all of the sudden all the sights and sounds faded away and there in front of her stood my grandma wearing her light blue sweater she always wore and smiling at my cousin," writes another. "When I was having some very bad situations happening in the late 90's, my sister-in-law came by with a painting that she had just bought at an auction for me. She knew nothing of my situation or my grandma. It was just like the painting my grandma had in her dining room. I took it as a sign that she was with me to get me through this tough time." 

What about children who die before they're born?

"Many years ago when I was not practicing the faith, I had an abortion," is another note we received from a woman in Massachusetts "Some years later, I became a daily communicant. I spiritually baptized the child and gave the child a name. 

"A few years passed and one early morning, I was lying in bed with a bad headache. Completely without warning and out of the blue, with my eyes closed, I saw the child's face. It was sort of glowing and looked to be about age five. The child was a boy and looked like other members of my family with sort of freckles around the nose. The child spoke and said, 'Mommy, I love You.' I remember reaching out to the child -- not physically, but in the vision-like state, and the child reached out to me. It lasted for a brief moment. I asked the child, 'Can you please stay?' and at that point the vision faded." 

"We lived in England during the 1990s, and my father-in-law, Ken, was one of the unfortunate victims of 'mad cow' disease says a woman named Donna. "Ken's illness was so advanced by the time our son John was born that he could not comprehend that this was his first grandchild. He would stare vacantly at John -- and mutter things like 'Is this a baby? Whose baby is this?' etcetera.

"Ken died in 1994, when John was six months old.

"After Ken's funeral, we went home and I put John to bed in his crib. All of a sudden the hairs stood up on the back of my neck, and I knew without a doubt that Ken was standing right next to me, on my right, looking down at John.

"I also knew that Ken, whose mind was no longer diseased, now that he was a spirit, wanted to see his grandson for the first time, so to speak."

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