From the mailbag: strange weather in Alaska

Hi Michael and family,

I just had to write. I keep reading EVERYWHERE of extreme weather conditions, such as Siberia, India, the nasty storms the Midwest just got pounded with. Huh. Go figure that the only "warm" place seems right now to be Alaska! 

It has barely dipped below freezing for most of this winter. We barely have any snow, because it has rained on what little snowfall we got in November. Now mind you, I live in an area that isn't in the rain belt of Juneau or Ketchikan. I live on the Kenai Peninsula. Yeah, it doesn't get to -50 here, but this is soooo weird. Usually it hovers at 10+ and snows significant amounts. Those of us with snowmobiles are dying for lack of snow. I guess there could be worse problems couldn't there?

Well, just thought you would find it interesting about how unbelievably warm the state of Alaska has been all winter. Temps in the whole state have been up for their norms, not just my neck of the woods. 

Take care and God bless! 

Jackie Minatra

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