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 However Dark Our World, Angels Split Through To Communicate In Varied Ways

We live at a time of great evil, and that evil, that darkness, is intensifying. There is the former Mouseketeer traipsing across the stage of the public arena, spouting seductive language, immorally clad. Such is now commonplace. There is the comedienne making the foulest possible remark about Jesus -- and applauded by certain segments of the media. There are the bizarre crimes, so many that even serial killers are no longer newsworthy, without a special twist. There are scientists growing mice that have human ovaries. The list is almost endless and this evil will expand in the coming years.

That's the bad news. The good is that we have angels to help us, to guide us, to act as shields -- especially if we work at invoking them.

This is especially worth knowing in the month of the angels (and during a month in which we remember St. Padre Pio, who was so close to angels).

Would it not be wise to start prayers and perhaps a novena aimed at invoking special angelic protection as we lead up the the feast day of the angels on September 29?

How powerful can that day be -- and how potent are accounts -- from you, the viewers, on how incredible angelic protection is!

Perhaps we can view it as the angels spreading their whiteness, their spirits, over us, or encapsulating us in a "bubble," or simply using a sword to keep evil away. During a famous exorcism the demon said that a great roadblock to possession was a person's guardian angel!

They have shields. Perhaps they place us behind those shields. This book, 'Neath St. Michael's Shield, is especially powerful. Pray for "the bright angelic shield." Of course, this is our human way of perceiving what we can not yet perceive -- save in dreams, save in near-death visions.

It is after death that we will meet our guardians as well as others -- the various angels who come and go according to our states in life, in response to how much we pray and what we need: in other words, according to circumstances. Prayers unleash them. They wait for our requests. They yearn to help! There is always a main one around us, and the communication can be a soft touch while in prayer, a sudden feeling of peace, or inspiration, a pleasant chime that wakes us up at exactly the time we wanted to awaken (but had not set an alarm).

They are the conveyors of grace, and they communicate in innumerable ways.

"One night several years ago, I was listening to the weather and terrible storms were moving through the area," wrote Jo Ann Ottis. "Before I fell asleep, I asked the Sweet Lord to surround my house with His angels and protect me from the storms. 

"I went very deeply asleep and sometime later,  I 'saw-dreamed,' very close to me, a mail of armor, from a breast plate, and heard a few strains of the most beautiful harmonic voices. 

"The next instant, a bolt of lighting hit near my house and thunder seemed to explode in my house. But instead of fear, I was filled with peace and joy. The storm raged for a few minutes, and quickly moved away. Although tree limbs were down in my neighbors' yards, in my yard, with many trees, not a limb was down."

"Enclosed is a miraculous story with a photo I took of the Angel's Rose Petal," writes another viewer, Judy Alt. "[This woman] took it out of her Bible and laid the petal in my hand. As I glanced down to my hand I could see the petal slowly turn up on both sides. I was so amazed as this was happening. To think it was twenty years old, felt like velvet, and moved."

"The story is that of an eighty-year-old woman who recently passed away. Two decades ago, she was visiting the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico and told the Blessed Mother that she would stop praying for a special grace she had repeatedly been requesting -- would accept whatever came -- but just wanted a confirmation.

"'We went back the next day, but the basilica was packed with people,' the woman had recalled. 'As my friend knew the monsignor, he provided three chairs at the communal rail at the bottom of the altar, right at the center aisle. The altar goes up with a stairway and there are no children up there.

"'During the Eucharistic Prayer, as I was kneeling down and with my head low, I lifted my head and saw a Mexican girl about five-years-old, dressed in white, coming down from the altar, straight to me, with her hand extended offering me something.

"'She had a smile and pushed her hand in offering. When I looked and saw that it was a rose petal, I took it and started crying with emotion!

"'My friend who was kneeling next to me turned to me and said, "The girl disappeared!"

"'For the following months that went into years, I had a very difficult time myself, but the graces were the most abundant for the whole family! I knew that what was happening were graces from the Blessed Mother! This was twenty years ago. The petal is as velvety as it had been when put in my Bible! When we put the petal in the palm of a hand, the petal curls up as though an answer again to our prayers!"


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