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From The Mailbag: 'I Know Angels Are Around My Son'

Hello Mr. Brown,

Thank you for allowing me to contact you with this story.  I have been reading your weekly angel stories and just shake my head in wonder because I know angels exist.  My story begins when my son Paul was about six to seven months old.  I was just able to place him in a walker.  Well one day I came in from shopping and placed Paul into his walker.  I proceeded to put the groceries away.  I placed a large box of laundry detergent on the dining room table and turned my back to place some items into the pantry.


My house is not large.  Paul was perhaps 10 to 12 feet from me.  When I turned around to check on Paul, I saw something that I can not to this day explain.  Paul was holding the cloth place mat I had sat the large box of laundry detergent on and the detergent was in the middle of the floor underneath the dinning room table right side up. I didn't hear any sound what so ever. I  realized that had that box of detergent fallen on Paul it would have crushed his little head. I don't remember if I thanked God at this point but I sure was glad Paul was ok.  I kind of just put that episode in the back of my mind until it happened a second time.  This time Paul was at the open door to the stairs of the basement in his walker.  When I looked all I saw was Paul trying to go forward with all his might but he wasn't moving, as if an invisible hand was holding the walker back.  His two front wheels were off the ground, and over the first step but he wasn't going over. 

I rushed to get him away from the stairs and still can't get over the fact that he didn't go down those steps.  Then, when Paul was 4 years old we were at the car races with his Dad and Paul was on my lap.  All of a sudden as the cars were going around the track full speed, Paul looks at me and says Mom, can you hear the angels.  I by this time knew Paul had a few angels around so I didn't get upset or scared I just asked him what the angels were saying and he replied, "Mom, they tell me nice things, they say 'We Love You Paul.'  Children don't make up stories like that, especially at four years old.  I know there are angels and they Love us very much.  Thank you Jesus, Thank you for Loving Us So Very Much.

May The Love, The Peace, and The Joy of Jesus Christ

Fill Every Heart, Every Mind, and Every Soul.


Maryellen Malack

Hatfield, PA

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