Caught on tape: angels?

In this time of the internet, cell cameras, and surveillance monitors at and in all corners, day and night, even in the woods, many are the provocative video clips that come down avenues such as Twitter, Facebook, and especially YouTube, some purporting to show supernatural manifestations such as angels.

Below are video clips with some such claims, to be held, initially, as always, at arm's length. Ascertainment of authenticity is always the order of the day. There is perhaps no need to repeat the constant refrain to watch that aberrations are not simply a hoax or a reflection. There is chicanery out there. But it may be less frequent than anti-mystics, "nones," and cynics reckon. For the supernatural does exist, and angels, opening new avenues, when we allow them to, are all around us.

Does your guardian follow you into the afterlife, and even present your case before Jesus, after death?

That's what a saint named Saint Aloysius Gonzaga (1568-1591) taught: "that at the moment when the soul leaves the body, it is accompanied and consoled by its guardian angel so that the soul can present itself confidently before the Judgment Seat of God," notes a priest named Father Antonio Maria Cardenas. "The angel, according to this saint, presents the merits of Christ so that the soul can find support in them at the moment of its particular judgment. Once the Divine Judge has pronounced his sentence, if the soul is sent to purgatory, it will be visited frequently by its guardian, who will comfort and console it, bringing the prayers that have been offered for it, and assuring the soul of its future liberation." Fathers of the Church, points out this priest, taught that your guardian (or guardians) is there at the moment of death to fend off final assaults from the evil one.

And indeed, angels often are reported in deathbed accounts -- sometimes glimpsed by those at bedside in addition to those who are actually dying. How far our angels take us into the afterlife is a matter of vision and conjecture. One can theorize; we'll all find out one day. Most compelling are those who have glimpsed the other side during near-death experiences (an excellent source for which, Imagine Heaven, by a Christian researcher, just came out) or with those cell phones or cameras that have captured an "unexplained," suggestive luminosity -- or encountered their angels during a trauma such as a car accident (in some cases saved by them).

Back to the original question: have they been glimpsed by cameras?

Perhaps. In fact, likely. There are so many reports. Discern carefully (and be careful with YouTube's sidebar fare). 

 Was an angel caught on a hunting camera? 

Here is a clip about an angel allegedly escorting a man into another dimension (re-enactment). 

 And further angels "caught on tape" (or should we say "on microchip"): 

For our discernment.

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