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[adapted from The Spirits Around Us]

Angels can appear any way they want. Sometimes, there are the feathers – and cases in which actual feathers have been left behind (as a “sign”). Seers or those approaching death sometimes describe them as “flying” or even frolicking around a room.

They can tower or be as short as four feet.

They seem to float or hover in midair and can arrive like small comets or leave with an immensely bright luminosity.

During spiritual warfare, they may present with flowing deep maroon or blazing white robes. In one case a bright light near a dying man’s bed seemed to come from one part of the room with a smoke-like entity came from another corner. The darkness slowly moved toward the patient, causing seizures. This has been frequently reported by nurses.

Fill your home with angels this new year, leaving no space for anything untoward. Use Holy Water. Although we are not to fear (which can feed them power, as can overly discussing them), there are dangers. Recall Ephesians 6 to “put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Dark forces surround us just as the bright ones do. They are deceptive. Scripture tells us that they can even come as “an angel of light.” They may masquerade as a deceased acquaintance, and, too, if a revenant, we must also realize that the spirit of a deceased person will have the same personality as the person – until that spirit has been purified by going into Christ’s Light.

A strange drain in energy – fatigue – can be a sign that a spirit is drawing from you and we don’t want that. We also look for anxiety, confusion, and contention as first signs that what’s around is negative. Sudden withdrawal, bad habits, unexplained changes of mind, drinking, hoarding, compulsive eating, sloth, ill temper, and foul language can be indicators. Certain cases of autism have been cured through deliverance, as have allergies. “The ‘hidden’ evil spirits at large in the world can manifest themselves by God’s permissive Will – if not by their actual appearance, at least by their power – as happened twice in the case of Job (1:12 and 2:6),” writes an expert, Father John Hampsch of California. “The Old Testament indicates that God’s chosen people, the Israelites, had no difficulty in believing in the manifestation of deceased persons as living, even though the word ‘ghost’ wasn’t part of their daily vocabulary."

Equal in number are reports -- during death -- of those guardians.

This only makes sense because they are always there. It was the guardian who “advised” you on what to eat in order to avoid a disease toward which you may have been genetically prone. When there is a special “glow” around a person, it could be an angel wrapping himself around the person, and on the other side of the veil, we’ll note the way they operate. When we pray, it is like a beam of light and they delight in responding to it.

Many of us have encountered angels (guardians or otherwise) as mysterious strangers – often unusually cheerful people who suddenly appear to encourage us or help us in a circumstance (even if it’s a flat tire). I have had this happen myself.

Then, they seem to walk around a corner or bend and disappear.

We all have encounters with angels, whether we realize it or not. They are closer than your shadow and have been since you were born. They have known you “forever” and are the reason for many of your inspired thoughts, for sudden joy, for triumphs you never expected.

They nudged you from wrong things you desired. When we die, we’ll be astonished at how many times angels interceded – and how many times we ran into them without realizing who they were.

Said one woman who had a near-death experience, “I saw that many of my experiences had been orchestrated by guardian angels. I saw that guardian angels remained with me through my trials, helping me in any way they could. Sometimes I had many guardian angels around me, sometimes just a few, depending on my needs.”

She saw warring angels as “giant men, very muscularly built, with a wonderful countenance about them. They are magnificent spirits. I understood simply by looking at them that to struggle against them would be an act of futility. They were actually dressed like warriors, in head dress and armor, and I saw that they loved more swiftly than other angels. But perhaps what set them apart more than anything was their aura of confidence; they were absolutely sure of their abilities. Nothing evil could daunt them, and they knew it. As they suddenly rushed off on some mission, I was moved by their looks of concern; they understood the importance of their mission, and they knew, and I knew, that they would not return until it was accomplished.”

[Adapted from The Spirits Around Us]

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