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An Angel Story From The Mailbag

My husband Jim and I have a favorite road in his hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania, where we like to walk when we are visiting there from our home in Pittsburgh. The road is about two miles around a lake in a beautiful park named Blue Spruce.  Usually we go canoeing at another nearby lake for a few hours and then bring our picnic lunch to Blue Spruce Park. We sit and eat at our favorite spot, sometimes reading the Sunday papers as well, and then get started on our leisurely stroll.

Last Sunday, we had just started our walk on the road facing traffic, as we usually do.  We came upon a blind curve and I remember thinking, as though being advised, "move to the other side of the road - you can't see anything around this curve - and a driver couldn't see you." There was no sidewalk on the road, only a steep hillside with a sharp incline, so we would have nowhere to go if a car came around the bend. Usually my husband guides us through our walks to one side of the road or the other as he deems safe. But today, something was making him sneeze and he wasn't paying attention. Something told me to go to the other side of the road NOW and I took him by
the elbow and pulled him across.

Not a moment after we crossed over to the other side of the road, a lady in a black pickup truck came around that bend and if we had been standing there, I am convinced we would have been killed or severely injured.  She was traveling at a normal rate of speed, but I remember seeing her in slow motion. I had the immediate realization that we had been saved from a terrible accident. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you," my heart said.  "Angels, thank you for taking us out of harm's way."

We continued on our way and my husband continued to sneeze. The realization of having been a second away from death would not leave me.  Prayers of gratitude kept spilling from my heart.  I felt very protected and loved.

Only yesterday did I finally say to Jim, "did you know that we were a moment away from being killed on our walk on  Sunday?" "I was too busy sneezing," he said.  But the look on his face told me he knew something had saved us that day too. He sometimes teases me about my ever-increasing angel collection. Now I think he knows why angels are so special to me.   

RoseAnn Opferman, Pittsburgh

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