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From The Mailbag: An Angel Saves A Woman And Her Baby In Fall Down Stairs

Often times, when an extraordinary event occurs, the significance of it is not fully realized until years later.  Such an event happened to me many years ago when my first son was only six weeks old.  Some friends of ours graciously volunteered to watch our baby for a much needed night out to the movies.  When we got back I went upstairs to get my baby boy.  I laid him over my shoulder and started down the stairs.  I had high heels on at the time, the fashionable thing to do.  When I stepped down to the first step I tripped and proceeded to fall down the stairs with my baby over my shoulder.
     These were very steep stairs made out of wood with no carpeting.  There was a guard rail on the right side, and the wall on the left.  I couldn't grab the guard rail because that's the shoulder I had my baby over.  So I proceeded to fall from the very top to the very bottom of that staircase. 
     The thought of it to me now is truly amazing.  I never bumped into anything, or even touched the wall or the stairs.  I just remember knowing I had to turn over and land on my back at the bottom of the stairs, which also had no carpet.  I turned around in midair and landed on my back on the bottom of the stairs, with my baby on his back over my stomach. 
     I had no injuries whatsoever from my fall, and neither did my baby.  There were no bruises, or any aches or pains.  I was relieved my baby was all right, and I got up and walked out.  My husband and friends could not believe what happened.  I really didn't think much about it at the time.
     It wasn't until years later that I realized what exactly  did happen.  When I started to fall, it was like I was carried down the stairs, or floated down on a cloud.  I was falling down head first and miraculously did not bump into anything.  Before I reached the bottom I turned over to save my baby.  There was no way that was humanly possible.  I'm sure it was my guardian angel, or angels, that carried me down those stairs, enfolding me in their protective presence.  I see my son today, he's thirty-five, and his four children and thank God for those angels he sent to me that night.

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