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Formulations Of World From Media To Government Lend Concern Of Antichrist

By Michael H. Brown

While most continue to traverse the journey of this world with blinders, matters thicken around us. Or is the word "quicken"? In Denver, a statue of Jesus is struck by lightning at a shrine dedicated to Mother Cabrini. Clouds roil in the backdrop. There are the tornadoes. There is the fire. It has happened before -- but it thickens.

And yet, as I have been saying, we can't fully anticipate what shoe will drop next. Distrust prophecies that are overly specific. They are from the force of deception. This is another installment in my series on expecting the unexpected.

And in this installment I'd like to address the "anti-christ." I do so in the book, Tower of Light, which is based on a prophecy that describes the anti-christ in a way I had not heard before -- in a way, like the rest of the prophecy (which was issued back in 1990), that is sedate, general, and dramatic. I have found it to be thus far a prophecy that needs to be studied over and again and over the course of years. It unfolds before us.

Those traits are what drew me to it, and made me want to flesh it out. When I did, I found surprises at each turn of phrase.

I will leave it to the book to express that context. For the purposes here, I'd like to address what we should not expect -- how the devil, who is infiltrating in massive force, is trying to divert us.

There is an infiltration. Believe that. It turned into a swarm during the 1960s. If an anti-christ is around, he will have a grounding and perhaps even a birth in that decade.

Scripture tells us to be careful when someone says that Christ is here or there -- "So if they say to you, 'Behold, He is in the wilderness,' do not go out, or, 'Behold, He is in the inner rooms,' do not believe them (Matthew 24:26). Perhaps the same can be said of an anti-christ:

Many are those who believe they have pegged someone or a particular place for the anti-christ, and we can be all but certain that they are deceived.

When the next anti-christ comes, it will be in a way that few (if any) anticipate.

He is too clever to announce himself. Let us be careful in thinking we can figure him out, because when we think that, we share his pride.

The term "an anti-christ" is used because in 1 John 2: 18 the Bible uses "anti-christs" in the plural (and only in the plural) and says anti-christs -- one would assume in the form, back then, of Roman persecutors -- had already arrived.

But something still looms. Something big. It is reflected in nature. It is in the strangeness of the sky. It is in the evil that rises around us.

Many are currently expecting such a manifestation in our own time -- another evil personage -- and I share that inkling: a new evil is on the horizon.

Two thousand years ago the Caesars were "anti-christs" and someone larger looms.

But it will not be known until he is accomplished, according to the prophecy.

There are those who believe the anti-christ has arrived in the way of a 63-year-old Iranian who was born in Tehran, moved to the U.S. as a youth, was educated in Pennsylvania, and calls himself the "Maitreya." He has been proclaiming himself as the great Coming One -- not only the Second Coming, but also the manifestation of a coming "Mahdi." Mahdi is the "savior" who Muslims believe will arrive. The same is in the beliefs of Buddhism, from which the term "Maitreya" actually comes.

That he claims to be a great Coming One has caused many to fear that he is the anti-christ and that seems at best unlikely. In Florida a Puerto Rican preacher claims to be both Christ and antichrist. This, of course, is even more absurd. He has called on followers to protest Catholicism and tattoo their ankles with "666" (mark of the beast).

In Europe as a rising star in the media is an atheist who proclaims his unbelief in the same way as charismatic preachers proclaim their belief. He is developing quite a following and if nothing else, in affecting so many in the mainstream, he exudes the spirit of anti-christ -- which can then precipitate.

Might the anti-christ be a current leader? Might he be someone we have seen? Will he work within both science and the media?

An anti-christ is stealth -- a great deceiver. If we are on the verge of a special manifestation of the anti-christ, as the 1990 prophecy claims, it seems likely to be a surprise.

We can expect someone who may be more in the background, working through scholarship or science or diplomacy.

Perhaps he would have something to do with television. An Italian locutionist-priest once said he was told television is the great idol of Revelation. In TV is an energy that creates a false reality, which is the lifeblood of a deceiver.

Meanwhile, at the United Nations -- which naturally would allow the most ready current platform for a world leader -- is a chapel with a shining stone that is supposed to reflect a new world spirituality.

The United Nations has long been one of the foremost world harbingers for the "New Spirituality" and the gathering "New World Order" which some peg to ancient occult principles, notes a website -- at least in spirit.

Seven years after the birth of the U.N., a book was published by the theosophist and founder of the Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, claiming that the way the U.N. was planned was in line with esoteric thinking (and what she saw as occult inclinations).

Although she did not spell out clearly the identity of these occult factors, she did reveal (to her students) that in the United Nations -- intentionally or unknowingly -- was the seed of international occult meditation and an intellectual climate that would be receptive to a "new age."

To this end, Lucis Trust, under the leadership of Bailey, started a group called "World Goodwill" -- an official Non-Governmental Organization within the United Nations. The stated aim of this group is "to cooperate in the world of preparation for the reappearance of the Christ."

And that is precisely what the anti-christ would be: not just "an" anti-christ like Hitler, like Stalin, like Nero, but one who deceives many that he is the savior.

Sometimes it seems like the U.N. is too obvious. Odds are it won't be confined to just one organization.

But the fact is that international and globalist agencies with no connection to Christ and in fact an antagonism to Him will one day coalesce with media and science under the cleverness of someone who in all probability has not as yet been noted on the world scene.


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