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Hurricanes and Storms
  1    Miles From Charley, the Lesson Was That Prayers Work and Storms Cleanse
  2    Horror In Paradise: Labor Day Famous Storm, Reminding Us All To Pray c     Storms Increase As Part Of Odd
  3    Climate Swerve And  Purification (2 stories)
  4    Of The Pope, 'Charley,' And A Potential Run Of Disasters
  5     Palm Beach: is there prophetic significance?   
  6    Concept Of 'Safe Havens'  May Contradict The Cross Of Jesus   
  7    Even Skeptics Noticing 'Signs' After Fifth Hurricane   
  8    Tabernacle and BVM Statue Survive F5 Maryland Tornado   
  9    Mysterious Course Of Events May Dismiss Notion Of Coincidence   
10    Was Hurricane Ivan A Prelude To Bigger Disasters?   
11    Where Two Hurricanes Made Land, Testimony To Intercession  
12    Sent to Earth Predicted Mega Hurricanes   
13    What do you see in this photo of Hurricane Frances?   
14    Sudden 'Switch' In Climate  Would Cause Dramatic Effects   
15    Labor Day Brings Memories Of Great Hurricane That Could Return    
16    Oh New Orleans, Shed Ye The Darkness Or Face Disaster    

17    Hint Of Coming 'Superstorm' Emphasizes Need To Pray About Sin And Conversion    

18    Oh Florida: Cover Yourself With Prayer And Spread Salt As Storm Season Nears   

19    Coming 'Superstorm' Emphasizes Need To Pray About Sin And Conversion            


Katrina and hurricanes of 2005
  1    Is Route Taken By 'Katrina' a Rehearsal For a Mega Hurricane?
        'Katrina,' Slams Into Louisiana As Part Of Spiritual War
  2    Don't Fear But Don't Deny The Need For Spiritual Preparation  
  3    Signs of the times are clear: storm stops 'decadence weekend'
  4    Purification Is In Progress and Has Just Intensified
  5    New Orleans Bishop:  God Is Going To Purify Us Through This
  6    In Katrina Are Ironies and With Them a Prophetic Message 
  7    Prayers Go To Victims Noting Major 'Quickening' Of Events
  8    After Katrina Are Reports Of Miraculous Protection
  9    We Pray For Deceased And Also To Dispel The 'Spirit Of Death'
 10    God's Hand In Nature
 11    Hidden Factor In Gulf Of Mexico Has Led To Explosive and Catastrophic Storms
 12    Is There A Connection Between "Exuding" Statue And Mystery Quote From Ezekiel?   
 13    From Key West To 'Katrina,' Remarkable Accounts Of Both Mary and Archangel
 14    Can The Devil Raise The Wind?
 15    When Prophecy Goes From Fringe To The Cutting Edge
 16    'Pope of New Orleans': it was a chastisement   
 17    Politicians Join Archbishop In Calling A Storm A Prophetic Event, Joined by Seers
 18    I can't sleep and I worry about our friends
 19    Storms Or Exorcisms : These are Special Times
 20    Hints That The The North Was Hit By Monster Hurricanes
 21    'City of Saints', Not Center For Voodoo
 22    Prophetic Pulse Prefaced Storm As Miracles Followed ( 2 Stories)

 23    Prayers Go To Katrina Victims Noting Major 'Quickening' Of Events


Tsunami 2004


   1    Are Hurricanes and Tidal Waves Signs Prophesied as 'Intensifying'

   2    Asia Event Most Striking In A Special Time Of Prophesied Disturbances

   3    From Horrid Streets To A Marian Shrine,  Why God Allows Disasters

   4    Tsunami Preceded By Prophecy And Followed By Reports Of Miracles

   5    From The Mail: Luke 21:25 and the Recent Tsunamis

   6    Asian Calamity Stands As Warning To Whole World

   7    Tsunami Scenario For N. America And Europe Has Hidden Atlantic Faults

   8    Tsunami 'Miracle' As Cathedral Dedicated To St. Thomas Survives Waves

   9    Amazing Events Point Up Mystery: Do Animals Have A Spiritual Dimension?

 10    Mysterious 'Blasts'  Bring To Mind A Prophecy That Saw Strange Rumblings

 11    Denial Of Disasters And Punishment Part Of Perilous Trend That Also Denies Bible

 12    In Aftermath Of Tsunami Are Priests Who Recognize Reality Of Truly Miraculous

 13    Alleged Prophets Rise ON All Sides With Predictions Like Those in 1990s

 14    Sister Caught In Tsunami Prayed In Spirit And Found An Awesome God In The Chaos


Other Earth Changes

    1    Scientists And Seers Concerned Over Hidden Tidal Wave Fault In Atlantic

    2    Scientists Argue That Asteroids May Have Affected Several Mysterious Ages

    3    Unknown Faults Haunt Scientists And Present Scenario For A megaquake

    4    Greatest Chastisement Fear Is Comet Or Asteroid  Striking Oceans 

    5    Weather Events Extreme As Climate Complies With Prophecy 

    6    Cooling  Started With Noah Ended With Warm Period At Time Of Jesus

    7    Whether El Nino And Busy Storm Season -- Or A Quiet One -- Expect The Unexpected

    8    Little Rumblings Can Lead To Seismic Aspects Of 'Purification'

    9    From The Bible To Modern Examples Are Hints Of A Spiritual Force Behind Storms

  10    It Is 'Year Of Turbulence' As El Nino Kicks Into High Gear, Spurring Dramatic Effect 

  11    Periods Of Hot And Cold Sweep World As Signs Of Times Include Swerve In Climate

  12    Debate Over Global Warming Lost Focus As Proponents Ignored The Idea Of 'Signs'