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Notes From All Over: As Sun Flares, Are There Angels In The Dazzling Auroras?

By Michael H. Brown

Those who have been with us for a while know that after September 11 there was an outburst of spectacular aurora borealis (or "northern lights"), to a degree that hearkened back to a similar display in 1938 and the "great sign" of Fatima. At the time, we interpreted the lights as a sign that there was going to be a war. Soon after, of course, there was not only the predictable one in Afghanistan but then the one in Iraq that has yet to end and is increasingly dangerous.

Are those conflicts what were represented by the lights -- just as the great Fatima sign presaged World War II -- or were they indicating something larger, something as yet out of our range of vision, something like a decades-long confrontation between radical Muslims and the West, which has likewise occurred in the past? Perhaps the conflict has only just begun.

Now, we see new outburst from the sun -- in fact, unprecedented outbursts -- and try to discern the meaning of these also, because we don't believe that nature is simply random. To quote Einstein, God does not play with dice. Let us note that last week, when the second solar outburst occurred, John L. Kohl of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, said that the probability of two huge flares aimed directly at earth coming so close together was "unprecedented. . . so low that it is a statistical anomaly."

Now a third occurs less than a week later! Noted the BBC just yesterday (November 5), "The sun has unleashed its largest recorded solar flare, capping ten days of unprecedented activity for the star. The blast sent billions of tons of super hot gas into space -- some of it directed towards our planet. Scientists say the sun's current spate of activity has produced the most dramatic events seen on the solar surface since regular monitoring began."

This happens at the same time as the fires in California. Unprecedented solar flares. Unprecedented fires. Does Scripture not say that there will be signs in the sun? And what about the moon? A solar eclipse is about to turn it red (Joel 3:4). Is there prophetic significance? When we spoke with another Harvard expert, Sallie L. Baliunas, an astrophysicist, she compared what is going on now with solar activity and global warming to the tenth and eleventh centuries -- which we have long cited as the onset of the last great purification. She says it could be another century before magnetic levels reach their peak. Let us note that the solar activity in the 11th century was linked to what was know as the Medieval Warming -- a time of melting glaciers, unprecedented storms, and swerves in climate that accompanied major problems in the Church and momentous global events.

So perhaps we are in for an interesting ride. In the wake of all this comes a report showing that in monetary terms adjusted for change in value of the dollar (though not taking into account the great build up in populated areas), all ten of the top-ten greatest disasters in U.S. history have now occurred since 1991. This was immediately after what we have called the 1990 prophecy -- which said each region of the world was set to see such events.

When the sun unleashes a solar pulse, we see it materialize in the northern lights, and some say they see the outlines of angels and other images. We reserve that for your own discernment. But it causes us to ponder the third secret of Fatima -- which saw an angel touching the earth with fire, with brilliance.

Is anyone listening?

With prayer, we shield ourselves, and thus have nothing to fear. No: we look to the good that will come of it. And we study photos of the auroras (see below). Some are from that period stretching from two years ago. One is from last week (right). Tell us: do you see angels? Do you see a dove? Do you see hidden images?


Juha Kinnunen

 Dec 2003

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