Lorraine Benton of Boonton, New Jersey, tells us the wonderful story of her autistic son Paul, who seems to see his guardian angel. As she recounts it, "One day in 1996 he was in the dining room eating lunch and I became overwhelmed with sorrow and ran out of the room to pray to the Blessed Mother and when I came back I saw him looking to the right. When I asked what he was seeing, he said, 'angel.' He doesn't make things up. He can't. And when I asked its name, he said, 'Arabel.'"

That was interesting because a heavenly name ending in "el" (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael) means "of God." It was also interesting because this boy could barely speak. Yet he spoke to an extent when the angel was around. "She's wearing white," he said on one occasion. On other occasions the angel seemed to be wearing silver and on Christmas Day gold. At times the boy appeared to being playing delightful games with his "friend." In November 1996 some photographs were taken, and Lorraine says one of them contained an unusual beam of light that came from the sky to her son's shoulder.

One Pentecost the boy again seemed to be seeing something. "Angels," he said. "Pentecost." Which stunned Lorraine. This time it was two angels dressed in yellow. "Angels, Pentecost. Fire. Red. Jesus," said the boy, who turned 8 on October 1, the day before the feast of guardian angels.

"It's nothing you can prove, but if you see him you can tell he's seeing something," says Mrs. Benton. "Even his teachers have agreed..."

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