Humility of Heart  by Fr. Cajetan Mary da Bergamo
This classic study in humility describes the nature of that virtue typical of all saints--the one without which none of us will enter Heaven. This incomparable Catholic classic shows us every conceivable motive for us to  practice the virtue of humility. A treasure filled with insights. CLICK HERE


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For years, since the early 1990s, seers proliferating across America and other parts of the world have warned of a time when there would be martial law. They have seen tanks. They have seen barbed wire. Many claimed there would soon be the day when America was invaded. In Pennsylvania, a modern-day prophet "saw" enemy planes strafing the landscape with bullets.

We don't know what to think of such visions. Some go too far. Some seem extreme. But it a way they may pertained to what we now see. The planes? We all know what has happened recently with planes. They have attacked us. There has been fire from the sky -- as so many predicted. We remember one vision that specifically saw tanks at airfields, and today we see the National Guard moving into airports to protect them. There is barbed wire. There is detention of suspected terrorists. As for an invasion, the alleged seers may have misinterpreted it as an army invasion (which due to the oceans is all but impossible), but we all know now that in many ways we have now been invaded. 

We have to be careful with all this because it can tend to paranoia. We saw what happened with Y2K. We long warned that nothing would happen in the year 2000, and that when it didn't, it would discredit prophecy. 

The events of September 11 have caused prophecy to come roaring back. The reason is that many seers, mystics, locutionists, and just general folks felt something was ready to happen to the United States, and it did. There was a legitimate prophetic pulse. Whether or not the details pan out, prophecies about America facing a time of reckoning have proven to have been prescient. Among those on target were the messages from what has become known as Our Lady of America, in which the Virgin allegedly warned a nun that America was facing punishments hitherto unknown to the nation.

We have seen that happen. Throughout the past ten years there has been the scent of danger to our country -- of an invasion, of military presence, of war on our own soil -- and so it is. There have also been constant admonishments to prepare. Here we have to be careful: it does us no good to go running for the hills. It does no good to revert to "survivalism."

But it also does no good to keep our heads in the sand. It's a serious time. It's a time of purification. It's a time of preparation. We have seen how fragile our modern world is and how the destruction of just two buildings all but paralyzed the country.

But the preparation should be spiritual. If we change spiritually events will be lessened and at any rate when we're in a proper spiritual state we fear nothing. We're in a "bubble." We have a protective shield. When we say the Rosary and who partake of the sacraments and cling to Christ we can bank on a buffer against anything

Prepare, yes -- but most of all, prepare spiritually. Cleanse all sin. Dispel carnality. If you do that you will know what to do or what not to do and in all things at all times you will find peace.

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