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For our discernment:


We have had a few accounts of a Chaldean-Iraqi woman in Michigan who lives in a house, where, since 2008, according to Dr. Basil N. Najar, originally from Baghdad, now in West Bloomfield, who has researched it, there has been the oozing "of huge quantities of oil from many sacramentals," along with "[alleged] apparitions and messages from the Virgin Mary." We report such things (for consideration, at this time when such things are so roundly ignored), and will be discussing the prophetic pulse a bit more during retreats.

Najar asserts that what would be tantamount to dozens of gallons of oil "have oozed from more than twenty pictures and statues of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and is continuing.

"Many spiritual and physical healings have taken place when people are anointed with this oil. The oil has a pleasant scent and evaporates without leaving a trace. The oil oozes from the visionary's hands whenever she prays."

The materialization of oil on the hands or other bodily areas of mystics is something that has been seen in a number of cases. A famous one is in Syria (and was approved by the Orthodox Church). Najar laments how so few academics "even consider the supernatural."

Oil that is ephemeral?

We can't say until we see for ourselves, which we hope to do during an upcoming visit to the Detroit area. What we know is that Najar is an accomplished academic (master's degrees in theology and engineering, plus a doctorate in sociology), which makes him an observer of details, and we know it comes at a time when there have been terrible disturbances in the Iraqi homeland, where reports also come of a statue of Mary that is bleeding there. It also arrives in our "mailbag" at a time when one Medjugorje seer who virtually never mentions Satan has reported a message calling for a "fight against evil."

Events are occurring. They wax and wane and explode and wax and wane and intensify. But how far to go with such?

Dr. Najar, who is retired from the U.S. Army's Corps of Engineers, believes, in the case of the Chaldean woman, that her messages "are reaching a climax." Basil speaks three languages and translates her messages. What to do with such assertions?

The latest is, putatively, her 174th and was reported last Sunday (8/10/14). Says Dr. Najar:

"The visionary (who wishes to remain anonymous) was praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, in the area next to where the icon of ‘Our Lady of The Cape’ is on display,  along with the other sacramentals, when the usual colorful lights began to shine, signaling that the Virgin Mary will appear to communicate a message to the seer. The usual halo of light then appeared and continued to expand, until the Virgin Mary emerged from the light. She stood at about two feet above the floor and was dressed with her classic white and blue attire. The Blessed Mother spoke to the visionary, who was kneeling in front of her, with tears in her eyes. The Virgin Mary said:

"'My esteemed daughter, what am I to say and speak, when people are not responding to all the things that I am asking of them? How is my Heart supposed to feel, when I am witnessing the anxiety and suffering of my Son, which are greater than the Passion He endured during His Crucifixion?

"'His Heart is bleeding for the salvation of the world from (the evil which is rampant in the world). Enough that you keep saying , where is Holy Mary with her power, and where is her Son and His miracles? Have I not said that everything is by the Will of The Father? Even a leaf does not fall from a tree without His Will.

"'I am beseeching and calling upon these people, to return, return, return to my Son.

"'Allow me to ask and beg of you, to pray and return. Let there be Love in this world, to enable my Son to help you.

"'Have I not said that there will be coming difficulties and tribulations that are even bigger than what you are witnessing? A day is coming when people and nations will be attacking each other.

"'The time and hour have arrived, and just like the thief enters, you do not know at what hour and at what time. Return, return, return.'

"The light slowly dimmed, and the Virgin Mary disappeared."

For our discernment.

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