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[Note: When we think of angels, we mostly think of non-material beings with wings; at the least, we think of them as invisible. We sense them in the way of joy and peace. What about when an "angel" is a human? This we get from a viewer in San Diego]:

I would like to share this amazing experience I had, so that other's may know that God is really there.

Last year I was experiencing some difficult times in my life. 

My husband's employer went bankrupt and he lost his job at age 50.  

In addition, we discovered that his boss had stolen $8,000.00 of our retirement money. 

My son decided to move back home to help us pay the bills, but within three months he lost his job as well.

The financial stress was very great and my husband starting having severe panic attacks and needed medication to help him cope.

I have a part time job which does not pay very much money, but I was praying all the time and trying to stay positive for all our sakes.  As part of my job, I would drive to the post office every day to drop off the company's mail. 

"Every day at the intersection where I needed to turn was a bum holding a sign asking for help.

"I felt sorry for this man and would talk to him. His name was Alan and he was dirty and had only a few teeth. I would give him a dollar or two every time I saw him. I knew he had it worse than we did. There was a day I had no cash to give him and he told me that it was ok he just appreciated having someone to talk to.

I was on my way into work one morning and was feeling very overwhelmed by all the things I needed to do (I had to put my house up for sale and start packing). I said a little prayer to God and asked Him if He could help me remember to buy some turkey bacon on the way home, so that I could make it for dinner. I'd forgotten to buy it the day before and it was just one more of the things on my list to get done.

"I made my usual trip to the post office and saw Alan again begging at the light. I rolled my window down to give him a dollar, when he suddenly reached down into his bag and said "I have something for you if you would like it."

He handed me a package of cold turkey bacon and asked if I could use it.

He explained that a few minutes earlier a women had given him a bag of groceries, and that since he was a bum he had no way to cook it. I was stunned and said thank you very much I sure could use it.

I drove off thinking did that really just happen? A bum gave me the turkey bacon I needed? I was absolutely floored!

I realized that it was God's blessing for me to let me know that He hears me. I felt a wonderful sense of peace come over me and I knew everything would be all right. It took some time and a lot of faith to get through this period, but I knew because of the turkey bacon that God had a plan. 

One year later we moved into a bigger, nicer home in a new neighborhood. My husband got a wonderful new job with great benefits and my son finally got a new job as well!

Any time I start to feel down about something I just think of  turkey bacon and feel a whole lot better.

I felt it was important to share my story with you, so that other's can hear of this little miracle in my life, and know that God is always there for them.

Jo-ellen Rinder
San Diego, California

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