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From the archives:


A memo: Vice President Joseph Biden, with all due respect, we're disappointed in you, even a bit ashamed -- that a man in your position used vulgar language during a White House ceremony (in greeting the President during signing of health care).

We certainly won't repeat the words, but the nature of this vulgarity further diminished the moral tenor of the United States, Western culture, and your administration.

"This is a big [blank] deal," you said to President Barack Obama after introducing him Tuesday -- into an open microphone that you didn't know was open, as he went to sign that bill.

Shameful. A sign of the times. A sign of a fallen culture.

Yes, an indiscretion -- and not nearly as bad as some things we now hear in public!

But what, Mr. Biden -- and everyone else using this language -- does it convey?

It's certainly true that vulgarity is not exactly alien to the political world -- including the Oval Office. President Lyndon Johnson was famous for off-color language, as was Harry Truman, and President Richard Nixon was known for his cursing on those Watergate tapes -- certainly! There were vulgarities during the administration of George W. Bush, and we all know that what occurred in the Oval Office (or anterooms) under President Bill Clinton went beyond words (and beyond vulgarity).

But what you said, Mr. Vice President, comes at a time when both public and private discourse in the United States is at a very nadir, with commentators on both sides -- liberals and conservatives and moderates, Democrats and Republicans and Libertarians -- spewing hatred along with curses: attacking with a childish nastiness that makes everyone look foolish and immature.

Talk shows have degenerated into biased diatribes -- trash talk -- as a sense of dignity has progressively deteriorated and is now at the brink of extinction. There is constant name-calling while in private is the constant use of the Name Jesus in vain, which is a graver sin than the vast majority realize. There have been physical threats. Hate talk (and it is all over the radio) can breed violence. We can understand why many are upset with this legislation. There is the heinous practice of abortion. If this increases due to the bill, it is a further horror (far worse than vulgarity, as everyone should know). But hate talk gets us nowhere.

There is no more objectivity. There is no more civil discourse.

Conservatives are called "rednecks" and "wingnuts" and  liberal black congressmen are called the "n-word"-- causing a divisiveness and racial tenor (there is currently much racism) that has to be greatly displeasing to God.

Sad times.

Everyone is doing it -- no? Vice President Dick Cheney used the same word in 2004.

But you, Mr. Biden, are the current vice president and as such supposed are to be above that. You're supposed to set an example. You're supposed to operate with moral authority -- both on and off a microphone.

Indeed, the language we use privately is more important than the language we use publicly and in this (Tuesday) you have miserably failed us, Mr. Vice President, second in command. It is in private, even in our thoughts, that we define ourselves.

Jesus said (Matthew 15:11), "It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man."

It hurts. It hurts our young to have to hear that kind of stuff -- which the media loves to report. It hurts your office. It hurts this Administration -- as do the reports of foul language from the Chief of Staff.

The failings of President Bill Clinton, so loudly detailed by the media, affected a generation of youngsters, exposing them to a sexual practice that they suddenly saw as no big deal because even the President was doing it (while married).

Somehow, Mr. Biden, make up for this. Somehow -- as a Catholic (one who wore ashes on Ash Wednesday) -- seek rectification. Somehow, with all due respect (and public officials should be respected), seek to apologize. Somehow, as a Catholic, begin a campaign to reverse the moral dumbing down of America (perhaps start with abortion).

And like the rest of us, remember that Lent is the time for the sacrament of Reconciliation -- putting us right with our real leader, the Holy Lord.

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