A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare,  by Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock, this book helps us recognize what satan wants to do to women, speaks of breaking generational curses, discusses protecting family and friends, how to know when your marriage is under attack, and how to exercise authority as Christian woman. Whether we like it or not, there is a war going on around us. God has given women places on the battlefront. This book will help you take your place with confidence and victory! click here 



Have you noticed a step-up in demonic attack?

Certainly, many have; it wasn't just Lent. There seems to be an increase in dark activity at the same time that the societies of men seem to continue to crumble around us.

There is a great plague of indifference. There is unprecedented focus on money. There is the destruction of life and what God has created around us.

This allows the enemy more room for action.

Evil comes and attaches or "binds" to us. It attaches to failings. It attaches to wrong thinking. It attaches to fantasies. It attaches to lust. It attaches to worries. It attaches to weaknesses. It attaches to bad habits. It attaches to misfortune. It attaches to resentment. It attaches when we are stubborn. It attaches to those who lack charity. It attaches to negativity. Of course, it attaches to sin.

There is a prayer offered by a deliverance minister that he calls the "nuclear bomb" of breaking such bondages (which otherwise continue to provoke us into the wrong activity). Pray it from the heart.

As at the Last Supper, we bind ourselves in every way to the Lord and plead the Precious Blood over every aspects of our lives.

"In the Name of Jesus....

"I bind my mind to the Mind of Christ.

"In the Name of Jesus, I bind my will and desires to God's Will and purposes for my life.

"In His Name, I bind my health to the Lord's power over all that is physical.

"In the Name of Jesus, I bind myself to the Truth of God and the Love of God.

"In the Name of Jesus, I bind my family's needs to God's unlimited resources.

"In the Name of Jesus, I bind my future to God's infinite wisdom and design for my life.

"In the Name of Jesus, I bind my body to the Resurrection life of Jesus.

"In the Name of Jesus, I bind my spirit, soul, and body to the Blood of Jesus.

"In the Name of Jesus, I bind myself to the Word of God, which will renew my mind and set me free.

"And Father, in the Name of Your Son, I bind my heart to Your Heart."


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