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A view from the UK:


By John Bird

[In this installment from a lengthy look at mysticism, "The Glory of the Cross," British documentary-maker John Bird looks at one-world government, for our consideration and discernment]

 A one world system of government of all the nations on earth in a new world order where a dominant elite will hold power and authority over every institution, every community, and over the more than six billion people who now inhabit this planet is the objective of two quite different and dissimilar factions which already exert tremendous influence in every sphere of international societies today. 


If either were to succeed in their aims to determine the way that people will be obliged to live, then all trade, culture, educational systems, religious practices, and independent freedoms would be radically changed forever. 


Opposing the two rivals stands the Divinely instituted Church of Our Lord, One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, Roman -- and the Eastern Orthodox -- Church together (soon to be reunited on one vine). 


Of the two contestants ranged against the Church, both of which are anti-Christ in spirit, one is secular and ideological in character, the other religious but fundamentally flawed. 


The first is made up of several groupings but with no overall visible single leader.  Behind them, however, there is a hidden out-of-sight malevolent conspiracy which seeks world power; a cabal of operatives endowed with colossal wealth. 


This association of closely knit, integrated families with like-minded ambitions forms a subversive and unholy alliance which can be rightly likened to an international "super state" nestled in the heart of the community of nations that currently exist on earth but with the difference that it is subject only to its own dictates and its own single-minded code of conduct and allegiance to its own objectives. 


The persons who are part of this cadre are principally globalist and transnationalist in outlook and vision.  The activities which give them their power base are finance and banking, technology, industry, and commodities that, through different mechanisms, allow them to exercise a virtual worldwide monopoly. 


By virtue of their wide-ranging influence in the political affairs of different governments and by their manipulative use of the secret societies to promote secular and anti-Christian propaganda to deny the sovereignty and Divinity of Christ, they have poisoned the minds and hearts of countless millions of people around the globe. 


By initiating, fomenting, and financing endless local wars, and stirring up violence everywhere, they hope to bring about a universal state of exhaustion and hopelessness from which will emerge a call for a one-world international government to replace national authorities, headed by a select non-elected few. 


This will inevitably lead in time to a one-world dictator, the anti-Christ whom the Jews will welcome as a false Messiah whom they will worship in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem as prophesied in Scripture (by Daniel and St. Paul). 


In opposition to this ideological secular capitalist-communist "super state" orchestrated and controlled by Zionist Jews is the religious force of Islam made up of the fastest growing body of believers on earth at the present time, who are prominent not only in their traditional locations in the Middle East, Africa, and in some places in the Far East but who have also made big inroads into the once Christian countries of Europe and in the Western Hemisphere. 


Anti-Christian and anti-Jewish in attitude, Islam and Muslims are steadily pushing the boundaries towards their goal of a world religion, an integral part of which is an obligatory regimented, almost archaic, way of life where equality and dignity of persons are not something of value nor to be cherished, quite the contrary; and in as much as a body of Jewish hope and expectation is focused on a future messianic kingdom centered on Jerusalem with the nation of Israel superior to all others, so too Muslims anticipate in the not too distant future a prophet-like figure in the mould of Mohammed to emerge. The Mahdi, they claim, will rule over a world where Sharia law will prevail and he will perpetuate a belief system that denies the mystery of the Holy Trinity and the Divinity of Christ, God made man, Saviour and Redeemer. 


Muslims have always, historically extended their sphere of influence through conquest and wherever they did so made acceptance of the Koran as the valid word of God mandatory. Today despite the continued menace of Islamic terrorism most Muslims acknowledge that the use of force to win converts is obviously not the way to succeed in western democracies.  However the sheer scale of the population growth of Muslims in these places is propelling them to become a vocal majority in areas where once they had no foothold (the U.K., France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany and in Eastern Europe are cases in point). 


Whilst Islam and the globalist transnationalists square off against each other, the Catholic Church, although much weakened by the persecution from without, and by constant attacks through the media and by the mockery of a permissive society, and also badly affected by the spirit of modernism which rests like a cancer within the body of so many of the faithful, will always prevail because She is the Mystical Body of Christ Himself which can never be destroyed. 


Sooner rather than later Divine Mercy will yield to Divine Justice and in the rigour of the purification that will accompany this, most of humanity will perish and along with it all the enemies of the Church will be destroyed along with the institutions which they raised up to challenge the Kingship of Our Lord. 


Following a period of peace, sadly, future generations will have forgotten how merciful God was, and wars will start again opening the gate for the emergence of the antichrist and his kingdom which will usher in the final confrontation between Satan and Our Lord.

Hamed Abdel Samad, an Egyptian born Muslim, the son of an Imam and today a political scientist, commented in an interview with the German Der Spiegel newspaper:


"There are 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide. So what. The important thing is that in almost all countries with a Muslim majority we see the decline of civilisation and a stagnation of all forms of life. 


"Islam has no convincing answers to the challenges of the 21st century. It is in intellectual, moral, and cultural decline – a doomed religion without self awareness and without any option to act."


The organisation that owns the real wealth today and accumulates it is above all a cosmopolitan one, for it knows no natural boundaries nor borders, nor does it recognize the sovereignty of any state for it is in itself, and by itself, its own state, independent of any government jurisdiction.  It is first and foremost a state of absolute power with money as the base of that power.  In effect it is a Communist capitalist super state. 


Money today is the power and the center of the world’s global gravity. Most of what is in circulation, especially that used by governments as representing national wealth, is issued by very few operatives. 


Banks, stock exchanges, commodity markets and the total world financial system make up a gigantic machine for the sole purpose of forcing money to produce money, usually by using lending interest rates, based not on real capital but on illegal non existent capital, so that the interest gained is in fact commensurate with fictitious capital. 


Today a relatively very small band of men whose identities and activities are kept hidden have unlimited power in the world and are in possession of colossal wealth. They are in fact the absolute occult "emperors" and dictators of all financial institutions, businesses, production, and distribution. Their anarchical, immoral, and anti-social influence, when considered on a global scale, is one of revolution first against Almighty God and His moral law and second against all authentic religion. 


Theirs is the religion of power. Though they obviously have political power in the same way that the Rothschild Family had in the 18th and 19th century and still have today, to start and end wars and to make or break rulers and politicians, which was the case with Tsar Nicholas of Russia, what they now seek is absolute power in a one-world government, a total unchallenged power. 


The wooden bench where the usurers and money lenders once used to sit and put people into debt have now been converted into temples of satanic worship, the banks, where the altars are cared for by Lucifer’s priests and acolytes. 


In truth, though, not one of Satan’s high priests of wealth has a political position himself nor has he a role in direct banking activity.  These posts are entrusted to intermediaries, to the visible faces in politics and finance, who although receiving invitations to the secret annual Bilderberger meetings and so on, and who might appear to be the authors of the plans which are carried out, are in reality only men of straw. 


The real power is out of sight and hidden, anonymous, and like all conspirators throughout history they and their activity are known only to those on the inside. 


As neither a nation nor a government they are on the one hand, nothing, but on the other, they are everything. 


Soon when they think victory is in their grasp Satan’s High Priests of money in their arrogance will challenge God to defeat them, and it is then that Jesus will come to turn everything upside down. He will punish their pride and presumption by allowing Satan and the powers of Hell whom they have served so faithfully to bring about their downfall. Our Divine Lord will permit innumerable fallen angels to come out of the abyss and carry out the command of Divine justice to destroy their properties, their families, their possessions, and their institutions. Nothing will be spared because they had elected to serve Satan in a pact to bring down the Catholic Church. God is not to be mocked. 


Like Herod Agrippa as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles, they will be struck down dead. 


At the (secret) Bilderberger conference of June 1991 David Rockefeller made the following statement of intent for a One World Government:


"We are grateful to the directors of the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and the other directors of the national and international press who for the last almost forty years have attended our meetings and have respected their promises to be discreet.


"It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the full glare of publicity during those years."


"The world of today, however, is much more sophisticated and better prepared to march on to a One World Government.  Surely the super national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and of world bankers is preferable to the national auto-determination as practised in the past." 


(The Rockefellers are related to the infamous Rothschild family through a female blood line)

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